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  1. Hi, I just realized that QEMU Guest Agent is part of standard QEMU package, and it is already on unRAID. Just add following line before "/usr/local/sbin/emhttp &" in /boot/config/go file: /usr/bin/qemu-ga -l /var/log/qemu-ga.log -d You can try running it directly in terminal, just be sure that QEMU Guest Agent is enabled in Options on VM Options section. Best regards, Maciej
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. I'm using /mnt/user0 and /mnt/cache to ad hoc moving of data between cache and user shares without messing with share use cache configuration. Maybe it can be preserved for experienced user via system tunable?
  3. Same problem here. I don't know it is right solution, but after creating symling 'ln -s /usr /usr/local/emhttp/', docker update works ok. Best regards, Maciek
  4. Hi, Garbage collector script requires that Seafile process is not running, but stopping Seafile terminates whole Docker containter. Is it possible to stop Seafile without killing whole container or maybe you can modify startup script to run garbage collector before starting Seafile? Best regards, Maciek
  5. Hi, Is it possible to add audio support into base kernel of UNRAID (alsa audio)? I have docker container which need audio support for USB DAC. Without kernel support, the DAC does not work in containers as well. Best regards, Maciek