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  1. s.Oliver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    i use a feature called "night shift" to have less strain on the eyes in the evening/night times. but as a side effect, your contrast gets lower and so (with the black theme) the alternating background bands are less visible than normal.
  2. s.Oliver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    more than welcome... may an admin move it? (can't do it on my own; i guess no permissions for such an operation 😀 )
  3. s.Oliver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    @bonienl GUI-Question/Feature-Request working alot with the MAIN tab in general (and often by night times) makes it sometimes hard with only a quick look to locate a specific line (i.e. a drive) which shows the values i'm looking for. and while moving with the eyes from left (checking first that this is the drive which is active [so is spun up and shows the green circle]) to the middle (seeing/checking if/or at which speeds the read/write actions are going) and then to the far right (to oversee the overall used/free space of that drive) makes me loose the line and end up in another one (and then being a little confused) and realize, ah damn, wrong line/drive; back to the left and start over again. got quite a bunch of drives here, so it's happening 😉 now if we would have a switch/button/drop down which would offer choices of like spun up/down, and/or active (= r/w operations ongoing) / inactive (= idle) which could result in a) dimming down lines/drives which are spun down and/or are idle (vs. spun up and active drives) and/or b) would group these attributes (and so drives) together in pools would greatly improve on quick reception what's going on (and on which drives). but i imagine, that this is probably quite alot of work and so stays as a dream/wish of my mind.
  4. s.Oliver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    @bonienl has done always a great job. give him enough good feedback (in a polite way) and all will be good eventually. can't judge on the recent changes though (still on 6.6.1) because of the special DVB build which is needed here – so i'll wait and can be excited to see what is coming. i'm on the black theme and like it really much. question to unRAID (@administrator) developers: is there any way in (slackware) linux to have those DVB drivers loaded as kinda additional/external module (or whatever is the technically correct wording for it) at boot time? if so, maybe that could offer a way for CHBMB or @piotrasd to build a solution which could dramatically cut down on manual work to be done which each unRAID version released.
  5. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    well, can't answer that question. not qualified here, to judge about the work which needs to go into building them. but maybe @piotrasd is on something here.
  6. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    well, it wasn't that long for a new version awhile ago, when @CHBMB had more time on his hands. sometimes it was nearly instantaneous – unRAID released, DVB build a few hours later. but real life first...
  7. s.Oliver

    Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available

    mostly sure, that an previous available & passed through usb-device, with identifier 093a:2510, isn't known/available to the qemu-process at launch time of your VM. you can look them up via "Tools > System Devices". when triggered it shows you a live view of all known devices – you simply can use your browsers search/find command to look for your device "093a:2510" if you think it has to be here (because you didn't change anything else). or, you do this on an older build of unRAID (you already reverted back i read), do the identification there (so you're sure the device with this adress is available) – make a screenshot of it – then upgrade again and re-identify this device. if it's there, note the adress of it, go to the VM tab, edit your VM and be sure to to passthrough the right device at the bottom. the other logged lines "...vfio-pci 0000:03:00.0..." do only indicate, that a pci-device (most probably your GFX card) was allocated to the VM at start time.
  8. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    @CHBMB was (probably still is) quite busy with his day job. so we need to wait until he finds time to do the compiles.
  9. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    well, @CHBMB busy schedule saved him one build for 6.6.2 already 😁 now the race is on. who is faster? limetech with a new build, or can CHBMB catch up and bring 6.6.3 right before? but it's all good... 6.6.1 works good for me (except another NVMe nightmare, but that's another thing for another thread).
  10. s.Oliver

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    hey spaceinvaderone, might consider to tell the name/type of the mainboards you use for your threadripper cpus? well, i can recommend the Noctua CPU air coolers, at least here i've used several of them, all excellent!
  11. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    ok, first (short) test is done. i used the GitHub build 6.6RC4. drivers get reported as 0.9.36 vs. 1.2.2 (from LibreELEC build 6.5.3). it looks good so far. these (sometimes) massive errors reported at the beginning of a recording are gone (just on some recordings TVH shows one data error – but that has always been like this) so i'm quite happy again. i had to check always against the logs, if these errors were real (happened while the recording was ongoing, or if they just popped up at the beginning and would be meaningless). i might add, i use cable here and run on a Digital Devices card which uses Sony CXD2854 chips. with the next RC build i probably try the LibreELEC build again, to check if those (maybe updated drivers) are better than in the past.
  12. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    ok, i'll try to find time for testing and maybe i can do two installs to see the difference then. last time the github drivers had a better error handling (tvheadend did not show those errors at the beginning of a recording, which drives me kinda nuts, because i'll have to check often for them in the log to exclude those as bad recordings). AND another negative aspect of the drivers in the LibreELEC build is, that alot of these errors get logged with nearly every recording at the beginning (or with every epg grabber run much more often): [WARNING] linuxdvb: Unable to provide BER value. –> this value is available in TVH in the Status / Stream page (when driver supports it, else it's always "0") [WARNING] linuxdvb: Unhandled ERROR_BLOCK_COUNT scale: 0 [WARNING] linuxdvb: Unable to provide UNC value. i'll post back, if i made my tests with these builds.
  13. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    a big "thank you" goes out to all involved. respect for your work, which makes my unRAID (still find that one more fitting) usage more complete. @CHBMB you've done a new Digital Devices Github build this time. my i ask, if that or the LibreELEC build would offer the newer drivers for those cards right now?
  14. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    i know, i know – i just had thought i miss out on that mysterios RC1 build 😁
  15. s.Oliver

    unRAID DVB Edition

    hey CHBMB, hey guys, in preparation to Unraid 6.6 i'm checking from time to time the availability of new Unraid DVB builds with drivers for Digital Devices cards (=LibreELEC). 2 posts above @CHBMB noted, there are currently issues building, so i guess it'll take awhile until they are resolved, right? now @olfolfolf said, he stays on RC1 until... so i'm i wrong, or was there already a new build once and i never catched that one (still on 6.5.3 here, and no update for the DVB Edition Plug-in every since popped up)? just curious here, how things are going (i hope for a fix for my NVME drive through new kernel, etc.).