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  1. Can someone recommend settings here, it's been a long time. ISSUE: unable to use blocker plugin, I tick the box but it instantly unticks itself. Any ideas? These are the only Yellow log warnings I have: 2021-06-04 09:26:39 us=423011 WARNING: You have specified redirect-gateway and redirect-private at the same time (or the same option multiple times). This is not well supported and may lead to unexpected results 2021-06-04 09:26:38 us=269288 WARNING: 'link-mtu' is used inconsistently, local='link-mtu 1569', remote='link-mtu 1549' 2021-06-04 09:26:38 us=269325 WARNING: 'auth' is used inconsistently, local='auth SHA256', remote='auth [null-digest]' 2021-06-04 09:26:38 us=269342 WARNING: 'keysize' is used inconsistently, local='keysize 256', remote='keysize 128'
  2. thanks for the catch, successfully killed the credentials, I accidentally didn't save the file after the edit.. Interestingly enough, the new credentials and config files have resolved the issue. I'm in good standing with my VPN and have never changed my service in any way....this is bizarre but I'm not complaining.
  3. @binhex Like everyone here I'm dead in the water, no ui available. Read through the last few pages but I'm not seeing a direct answer to my situation. My setting have been the same for a year with no issues. I use cyberghost vpn, NL servers. I restarted the container and grabbed what looks like a massive update, still no dice. Please let me know where to start. Thanks
  4. ok cool, so i think your best plan of action then if the downloads are either corrupt or incomplete is to delete the container and re-create it, this will ensure that any partially downloaded files inside the container are gone and get you back to a working clean state where everything writes to /data, does this sound like a reasonable plan?, if you need instruction on how to do this then let me know and i will do a step by step guide, but you sound proficient enough to do this :-). I dont wish to come across as patronising, its just impossible for me to know how much knowledge each person has in regards to docker so i have to assume little knowledge and go from there, apologies if i offended. Oh not at all, no offense taken. I was just explaining myself, you weren't like that at all. I'm going to remove the container and restart I suppose, these movies that are missing/incomplete are just eating up storage at this point and I want them gone. This would be resolved by going into Apps, removing Deluge along with app data I assume or is this part of the Docker.img? A quick and dirty guide would be appreciated, if there's one out there I can search as well. Thanks again for all your help!
  5. so your saying deluge is still downloading incorrectly to /downloads inside your container and NOT to /data? so what is the path you have defined in deluge for completed stuff? if its NOT in /data or a subfolder of data then it will just move the completed download to somewhere else inside the container, you need to stop all downloads until this is straight. see attached screenshot for how i have mine configured, note how ALL paths start with /data. issuing a cp will NOT move/delete anything, so it wont be this that broke anything seeding/download can you also perform 'ls -al /data' and check that /data does exist and you can see files/folders which reside on your unraid host aka /mnt/user/media/downloads "[root@397f57fcee7e data]# ls -al /data total 0 drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 117 Dec 1 09:08 . drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 214 Dec 1 09:10 .. drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 76 Dec 1 09:08 downloads drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 256 Dec 1 08:59 <Name of Movie>" the file was still downloading to the wrong folder "/downloads" at the time of the cp command. The completed file moved, to where I don't know. "/data" was an established path and saved in Deluge before I ran any commands. All paths, completed, incomplete, etc, all point to "/data" which is "/mnt/user/media/downloads" Like Jon stated, these files are all....boinked....for lack of a better term. It's pretty amazing how a simple oversight can lead to some complex issues. Also to comment on your attachment, my folders NORMALLY have this type of structure, I don't haphazardly do anything, it was just a mental lapse on my part in an early AM fog
  6. how about 'cp -R /downloads/* /data/' long pause, then back to the prompt, performed a dir and saw a file that is still downloading remains, but the completed one is now gone. I checked my /data/ folder (/mnt/user/media/downloads) and nothing... subsequently this also broke all the torrents seeding/downloading because we removed the folder. I wonder where the one completed file went..
  7. Awesome , thank you. I've found a "/downloads" folder inside of "root@...." I did a DIR and found my 2 movies. I'm not sure what this path is to copy it to /data/ Right now I'm in the ssh at the prompt: "root@6ee028bb49bc downloads]#" I want to run the cp command from here but I have no clue what the path is to this downloads folder is. Simple but stupid, I know. Thank you. edit: found the pwd command which just says "/downloads" tired "cp /downloads /data" with a message "cp: omitting directory '/downloads'
  8. hello, I just realized I set my download path to one that does no exist "/downloads" and cannot find my download files via WinSCP. The actual path I setup for my downloads is "/data". I tried doing a Move Storage to /data but there are no files moved. Is there a default location where I may be able to find them? It appears the generic save points lie in /home/nobody/.... but I cannot find any files or folders past /home/. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  9. Not sure what you wanting to accomplish, but a VM only has access to it's own vdisk, exactly like any other computer can only access its own hard drive. Any "path crossing" can only occur if you connect the VM to your shares using a network connection, again, just like any other computer. There are ways to map folders in linux VM's, but that option (9p) is not easy to use, and doesn't work well AFAIK. I suppose a docker container could be mapped to access and possibly mount a VM's vdisk, but that would be pretty pointless. Can you ask your question a different way? I feel like I'm not getting your point at all. A VM is just like any other computer on your network, either as isolated or connected as you make it. Jonathanm - thanks for the quick reply. I guess it's just my lack of understanding on the unRAID side of things - that, and perhaps looking for some affirmation. Just to clarify - as long as I have a "vdisk" share and set the share size of the vm to whatever I want, say 100gb, that 100gb will never be over-written by anything? To be clear, I have my containers saving to a "media" share. Please let me know if this clears things up for you. Thanks.
  10. Situation: New install, unRAID 6 I'd like to have docker containers run my media server needs and then be able to create VM's as needed with completely segregated storage, so that the paths never cross. Is this possible?
  11. Thank you! ..and the proper uninstall procedure? Use the same key, no need to worry. Excellent, thank you very much. *OK to close*
  12. I would like to properly uninstall my unRAID 6 and rebuild my server to be better utilized. I know if it's not properly uninstalled there will be problems reusing the key. I have it setup with docker containers running a media server - I'd like to backup and retain my settings - whats the best way to do this?...if at all. I honestly searched and found nothing. Thank you.