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  1. If we upgrade to this new version, will all of our existing requests still be there? Or do those all get lost?
  2. I am still having the same issue as well. I updated the container, and even with a fresh config the Requests tab is not displaying any of the requests.
  3. I just updated this morning, and now I am unable to see any requests when I log in as the admin. As a test, I removed my appData directory for Ombi completely and let it replace with a new set of config files. After setting it up again, I made some requests and sure enough, nothing appears under the Requests tab. If I search for something that I requested, I can see that it was requested. It just won't show anything under the Requests tab. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  4. NM. I searched and found the answer. I think I am back in business. I started in the array in Maintenance mode and went into the settings for Disk1 and ran a file system scan and then repair. Afterwards, I was able to delete that directory, and the five files that were missing appeared in a directory called "lost+found". I am feeling so much better right now. Can someone confirm for me if using xfs_repair in the GUI in maintenance mode maintains parity? Do I need to rebuild parity? I would assume that if it didn't, there would be a strongly worded warning about it...
  5. I hope someone can assist me with this problem. Note that I am NOT very good with Linux, but I am fairly technical overall. I am very comfortable using Putty to SSH into my system and move around, using MC, and other basic stuff. If you don't care about the entire E! True Hollywood back story, skip ahead to the quoted section. I am a dum-dum and didn't bother to properly power my 4x Norco SS-550 5-in-3 units. I am not 100% sure that that's what started the problem, but I would bet on it. I was running great with 2 parity disks and 8 data disks for a while, then I added a 9th data dis
  6. I figured out why I couldn't connect to the web interface. I missed the advanced section in the docker settings. I had to change the LAN IP setting to match mine. Is there any way to get autodl-irssi installed? What about changing the version? Is that something that would require a separate docker for each version? I'm hoping to replace my Windows torrent machine (uTorrent 2.2.1) with an rTorrent docker, but I think I might have one or two trackers that are picky with rTorrent and don't allow the newest version. EIther way, I really appreciate the effort to provide this docker. I gave up lo
  7. I just installed this docker, and it appears to be running. However, I cannot access the GUI. The default URL (http://<server ip>:9080) just brings up an error page stating that the site can't be reached. I've been trying to figure this out, but I can't find anything in the documentation. Is there something that I need to change in a setting file such as rtorrent.rc? Do I need to set up a VPN before I can access the GUI, even from within my local network? I really hope to get this working because I really like rTorrent, but I am not very Linux savvy. By the way, can I set up common