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  1. My first thought would be to drop Couchpotato and go install Radarr. But also, why is your host path going to /mnt/cache/Deluge/ Shouldn't it be /mnt/cache/couchpotato/
  2. Same here....started doing this after the most recent update.
  3. I'm having a similar issue. I have 16GB of RAM and after about a day after a reboot it has allocated over 12GB for cache. I can watch it go up if say I have something sitting on my cache drive and press the mover button, it takes more cache RAM but then never lets it go. Storage wise I have five 4TB drives in the array (one is parity) and one 500gb ssd as a cache drive. I am not running any VM's. I only have 4 dockers running. (couch potato, sonarr, sabnzb, plex) This just started recently too. Before it would only use about 1gb of now the problem is if Sabnzb is processing a file I run out of RAM and it slows down. Plus I'm seeing a stuttering from plex during playback that didn't used to exist.