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  1. Mopar_Mudder

    Recycle Bin (vfs recycle) for 6.3 and later versions

    All the files were JPG but I think a couple might have had a "0" files size because they were corrupt and I got rid of them, maybe that caused the problem. I tried again this morning on another bunch of JPG files that have been on the server for along time and all 5 showed up in the bin after deleting. So I will do some more testing on it and see what happens.
  2. Mopar_Mudder

    Recycle Bin (vfs recycle) for 6.3 and later versions

    I just installed this for the first time as I just lost a bunch of files from an accidental delete, figure this would solve that in the future. I am on 6.3.5 and I can't get it to work. It is enabled and show . files is on. After deleting test files the recycle bin says empty still. Not sure what logs need posting to help. Well it just kinda worked, deleted 5 files and only 2 showed up in the recycle folder.
  3. Mopar_Mudder

    HELP! Recover Deleted Files

    Yea no back up of this particular folder. how about this, I have seen it mentioned in other post. Not sure how to use it though. https://www.ufsexplorer.com/download_stdr.php
  4. Mopar_Mudder

    HELP! Recover Deleted Files

    Well I did it, don't know how but I though I had a sub folder in my wifes camera upload selected to delete and it deleted the entire main folder some how. So please is their any way to try and get them back? I know they are all stored on disc 1, file system is XFS and Unraid is 6.3.5 Only thing I have done is take the array off line so nothing can be written to it.
  5. Mopar_Mudder

    Server Becoming Unresponsive

    I have been fighting an issue with my HTPC becoming slow to pull data from my Unraid server. I though it was the HTPC because my other PC's seem to access the server fine although they don't use it near as much as the HTPC. So I built a new HTPC to start over, well that hasn't help. So I upgraded Unraid from 5.? to 6.3.5 last week also so it is current, thinking maybe a fresh install would help. Now today I notice that some times the Web GUI becomes unresponsive in Unraid, I have verified this from both the HTPC and another PC, so I am thinking maybe a network issue? I changed the cable from the server to the switch and that did not help. Any way to do any testing to see what the issue might be? I have attached logs if it does any good. server-diagnostics-20180107-1026.zip server-syslog-20180107-1020.zip
  6. Mopar_Mudder

    Tracking Network Problem

    I will try the cable, don't have anti virus on the HTPC. The switch and router have been restarted multiple times. Can't imagine it would be as simple as a new cable, but stranger things have happened.
  7. Mopar_Mudder

    Tracking Network Problem

    I have been having issues with my HTPC lately playing movies from my Unraid server, and I think I have figured out it is some sort of network problem. I am on Unraid 5.0.3 and have a Gigabit network. I tested copying a 25.5GB file from the server to the hard drive of the HTPC, speeds starts out fast saying it is going to take around 4 minutes but then the speed will gradually decrease at what seems like an even rate the entire time it is making the copy. In the end it took 1 hour and 58 minutes to copy that file to the HTPC. I went to my other computer in the house also on the same wired network and copied the same file and it took 6 minutes, that's a heck of a difference and why I have problems I think. Now the HTPC is newer, fasted, solid state drive, very few programs installed, ect. So by rights it should be faster then my old desk top that has years worth of different junk installed on it. Any way I don't think that Unraid is the issue but any good tips on how to track down they slow network speed on my HTPC?
  8. Mopar_Mudder

    To Upgrade or Not?

    thanks for all the info, that was great. I do have an old server that I haven't run in years. One of the reasons that I stopped using it is because it has to boot from a floppy and it always worried me with the reliability of floppies. I suppose I could try and fire it up and see if it will run to do the preclear, I will consider it. Is their any sort of chart out their with the different versions of Unraid and what features are different between them. If not it would be a nice thing to have.
  9. Mopar_Mudder

    To Upgrade or Not?

    My server runs so perfect that I really don't follow the upgrades and such that UnRaid has made. I am running version 5.0.3 and my array if full, so I can't add more drives. So I have two Seagate 4 TB NAS drives on the way that I need to put in my array. One will go to Parity replacing the current 3TB drive, the other will replace a 1.5TB drive in the array and the existing 3TB parity drive will replace another 1.5TB drive. I have no open slots so I can't preclear the drives. Is their any good reason for me to go to version 6 before doing all of this? I guess mainly any speed improvements while adding the drives, I am guessing it is going to me a slow process.
  10. Mopar_Mudder

    Windows 8 Libraries

    Yea that is what I am trying to do. Funny that it works fine in Media Player but they won't show up in the Music App on the start screen.......
  11. Got my first Windows 8 machine and tried adding my music fold from the Unraid Server to the library and it doesn't let me, says it can't use it. Can windows really not us a network file location any more?
  12. Mopar_Mudder

    media browser 3 server on unraid

    Here is a more current link with some instructions http://mediabrowser3.com/community/index.php?/topic/3634-mono-server-linux-os-x/ I thought this would be cool also. But then I wonder how it works when Media Browser transcodes to send to other devices, would an UnRaid server have the power to do that?
  13. Mopar_Mudder

    Fan Control Help

    Just going to think out loud here as to how I want this to work. I have three 4 in 3 cages, each one of them has a fan on the front that blows into the case. I have one fan on top of the case that sucks heat out, all other vents are blocked. What I would like: 1) If any drive in its respective cage turns on the fan on that cage turns on. So 1-4 would turn the top fan on, 5-8 turns the middle fan on and 9-12 turns the bottom fan on. 2) When any drive turns on or temp in the case hits a certain point the case fan on top turns on. 3) I suppose a safety that if a drive gets over a certain temp the fan comes on. But I don't see how they could get hot when they aren't spinning, and if they are spinning the fan would be on any way. Guess I am not really even worried about speed of the fan just a simple on off will do, sound doesn't matter. Any sort of simple controller board that can be plugged in to turn fans on and off? Also that Un Raid can talk to.
  14. Mopar_Mudder

    Fan Control Help

    Thanks for the idea I might look into it. I still want to find a way to stops all the fans and start them based on drive temps. Cause in all reality the server is idle 90% of the time and probably doesn't need any fans running when it is.
  15. Mopar_Mudder

    Fan Control Help

    I have a BIOSTAR TA785G3HD mother board, running 9 Drive plus a parity drive. 3 Cooler Master 4-in-3 with fans and one case fan. I am on version 5.0-rc8a and also running UnMenu I am looking for a way to make it cheaper to run the server, right now the fans are on all the time. I see their are a couple of scripts for running the fans, can anyone tell me which is the latest, greatest, best and easiest? Also will my mother board work with the scripts to run the fan? It has two SYS_FAN slots on board.