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  1. Yes sorry i have rebooted after the update. If i experience this issue again i will be sure to update this thread with the command line results. Again thank you for your help today.
  2. Sorry i may have jumped the gun and currently rebuilding docker.img and also updating to latest release of Unraid. Will it still be of a help to provide the info from that command even if i have rebuilt the .img or does it need to be provided from the time of the errors.
  3. @trurl The docker image at the time of the errors was at about 18% usage and all container size looked normal the only issue i had was the log file showing 100% usage due to the errors.
  4. Hi @trurl I cannot recall why the docker.img has been set to 40G as this server has been running well for a good couple of years now but i will get that changed when i rebuild the .img I rebuilt the .img about 5 days ago and everything has been fine until today is there are partucular docker etc that i can look at that would be causing this issue or should i rebuild the .img and go from there? Again thanks for the help much appreciated.
  5. Hi @XDD128 sorry to jump in on your thread but i have been getting the exact same issues myself for the last week it seems. Has this also recently started happening for you also?
  6. Hi Team Currently experiencing issues related to the errors below where i will login to my server and notice a couple docker containers have stopped and a few are hung. When trying to restart the Dockers i then receive the Execution 403 error on Start. I have had a look through the forums regarding this issue with it looking to be related to the Docker.img or a failing cache drive. I have gone ahead and deleted the Docker.img and rebuilt this a few days ago all was fine and the errors are present again. Can anybody help me with how to proceed or what is caus
  7. Thank you very much for your help i removed all plugins and can now access WebGUI so we are all go thanks again and appreciate your help.
  8. Just to confirm can plugins be stopping me from accessing the WebGUI even when i have the array set to not AutoStart?
  9. Hi Itimpi Ok thanks for that. How would i go about working out/deleting plugins to sort this issue? I have attached the Diagnostic Zip below. Thanks again for your help. ironmike-diagnostics-20180914-1838.zip
  10. Hi Team I am currently running Unraid 6.5.3 and unable to access WebGUI. After performing a shutdown I connected a monitor to the server and can see this: /usr/local/sbin/emhttp: line 54: 9394 Segmentation Fault /usr/local/sbin/emhttpd After this I performed another shutdown and could access my server in Safe Mode with no plugins. I have set unread to not Auto-Start the array but still get no response from WebGUI when not in SafeMode Any help would be much appreciated please let me know if I can attach any logs to help wit
  11. Hi Team Can somebody tell me or point me in the right direction on what could be causing this error? Mar 5 09:44:11 IronMike nginx: 2018/03/05 09:44:11 [error] 5132#5132: *6481 user "root": password mismatch, client:, server: , request: "GET /Main HTTP/1.1", host: "" I have tried stopping all dockers to see if it is docker related and still getting the error. I also rebooted the server and was still getting this error in the logs when the array was stopped. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Frank Just wanted to let you know that there were issues with the flash drive and running the chkdsk /F has solved the problem. Thanks for your help and appreciate the detailed reply.
  13. Thank you very much for the detailed reply i will get to this first thing tomorrow and get the diagnostics post up. Thanks again for you help appreciate it.
  14. Hi Team I am wondering if anyone can help me with this new error i am receiving in the Fix Common Plugins Plugin The Error is: Unable to write to flash drive Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Thanks in advance Flash Drive Error.tiff
  15. Hey Team I am having issues with Ombi using large amounts of memory at the moment it is using 4gb or ram is this to be expected as by the end of the day it will have used all 8gb of the ram in my system. I would just like to know if this is to be expected or if there is something wrong with my docker or if i have enabled some setting in Ombi to cause this issue. Any help would be much appreciated.