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  1. I've got a ST8000VN0022 on an LSI (LSI 9223-8i/IBM M1115), and I haven't had any issues whatsoever. Updated to 6.9 when it came out 6 days ago.
  2. After starting out managing everything myself on an Ubuntu install then wrestling with FreeNAS for as long as I had it installed, unRAID was a breath of fresh air. SO easy, so stable, yet still very powerful. Best decision I made 4-5 years ago.
  3. That seems to be correct. Thanks! For future reference, education, whatnot...: where exactly is this infirmation found in the diagnostics?
  4. The diagnostics. Ofcourse, this is from the new setup. tower-diagnostics-20160916-1441.zip
  5. Hello everyone As I saw that the 6.2.0 stable release was here, I wanted to update my unRAID server. As per the recommended way I check for updates in the plugin screen and decided to first apply the updates of all other plugins to minimise compatibility issues. I then updated the unRAID OS itself. In the update of unRAID OS itself, somehow something went wrong. I don't have a screenshot and can't recall it specifically but I saw an error which mentioned problems copying a file (using copy() function). With the update applied badly, almost all screens in the webGUI were now blank.