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  1. Thanks @SimonF, that gave me a workaround but does not solve the original "stuck at 2T" bug within Unraid. From that video, I used the following command within my Win10 vdisk folder to shrink my VM back down from 2TB to 180GB: qemu-img resize --shrink vdisk1.img 180G After that, the webGUI correctly showed a disk size of 180GB. I don't know why the webGUI was not able to make this change. Another important thing I forgot to mention: I only have a 512GB SSD for my cache drive, where the vdisk is stored, so I suspect choosing a vdisk size greater than the cache size is what triggers this bug, but that's just a guess.
  2. I had a Win10 VM working with a disk capacity set to 80G. I tried increasing it to 180G through the webGUI (by clicking the VM name and modifying the Capacity value) but accidentally typed 1800G (an extra 0) and hit enter. It refreshed the page and showed 2T and I cannot change it anymore. No matter what I type there, whenever I press enter it changes back to 2T. Tried rebooting but no dice. My VM will run, and Windows simply sees the extra 1.7T unallocated space in Disk Manager, but I still need a way to change the capacity from 2T to a real number so I can expand my VM disk space. Thanks.
  3. That worked, Thanks Saarg! Manually specified a few tagged version numbers from one upgrade to the next until I was able to get the latest. Thanks for the help.
  4. Just updated my docker today to the latest (it was a couple months old) and now it's not starting correctly. I am getting this error in the log: * bash[migrate gitlab-rails database] action run [execute] rake aborted! Your current database version is too old to be migrated. You should upgrade to GitLab 11.11.0 before moving to this version. Please see] Do I need to bash into this docker and manually upgrade the Gitlab core? I had assumed the docker would take care of any upgrades needed. Thanks.
  5. Ah! Mine didn't have the include line for some reason. It recognizes the stream command now. Thanks aptalca!
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to use the nginx module called "ngx_stream_core_module" (available since version 1.9.0) but it doesn't seem to be enabled in this Letsencrypt docker. The man page says it's "enabled with the --with-stream" option. Is that something I have control over in the docker? The reason I want this module is to forward non-http ports to different IPs (yes, just like my router does, but with the added ability to filter out certain things or block file access). Thanks!
  7. Agreed, but as we stated, this was a really bad lockup where SSH and Telnet wouldn’t even respond. Also, I saw saw this morning that iOS 11 had some date-related bug for December 2 that caused some phones to crash and reboot. Possibly related? Hopefully. That would mean this was a one-time crash for the affected people.
  8. Hi Rudder2, I had the exact same problem this morning for the first time. Everything completely unresponsive (Plex, WebUI). I could ping. SSHd in and after the login it just sat there and wouldn't respond to anything. Power button sent the "The system is going down for system halt NOW!" broadcast message, but it never actually shut down (I waited 10 mins). Had to hard-restart. It's running parity check now. Browsing the forum, it seems quite a few people had similar problems in the past 24 hours. I'll turn on my "Troubleshooting mode" too. Let us know if you figure anything out!
  9. Lots of great additions, but the "large format" is a step back. Things used to be more compact. Now, even a one-line post takes up a large amount of vertical space. The username and avatar section is much too big, IMHO. So much wasted space to scroll through! Example:
  10. Boot? Yes. But you won't be able to run DVB-specific stuff, like a Tvheadend docker (mine gave a "no such container" error). 6.3.1 DVB build should be out in the next couple days, I'd guess. If you need DVB funtionality before then, you can safely downgrade to 6.3.0 DVB build.
  11. Hi guys, Problem is fixed. This morning, I shut down the Windows7 computer I use to access unRaid and it installed a bunch of Windows updates. Now, VNC with unRaid VMs works fine (reinstalling Chrome was going to be my next move). I don't do a full restart/shutdown of this computer often; usually just put it to sleep. So I'm not sure if it's the fresh startup that fixed the problem, or the slew of Windows updates, or perhaps even Chrome updating itself in the background (which it does). Guess next time I should "try turning off and back on again." Either way, thanks again for the great support.
  12. Great idea, Jon. Sure enough, it works in Internet Explorer but still doesn't work in Chrome. Very strange. Chrome is obviously outside of your domain, but do you have any ideas on what I can check/change to get it working again? If not, at least there's a workaround now, and I thank you for that.
  13. Hi all, I cannot use the built-in VNC to connect to my Virtual Machines in unRaid anymore. The VNC window comes up but says it can't connect ("Server Disconnected, code 1006"). The Host listed is my unRaid IP and the Port is 5700. Clicking the Connect button again does the same thing. I’ve tried changing the Host to the VM’s LAN IP and the port to 5900. I CAN connect using another VNC viewer (from UltraVNC) by using my unRaid IP and port 5900. However, using those same settings in the built-in VNC viewer doesn't work. It was working about a week ago. Between then and now, I tried the DVB unRaid build (LibreElec v6.2.1) via the CHBMB plugin in order to get a TV Tuner card working. I've since reverted back to the stock 6.2.1 unRaid but the problem persists, even after multiple reboots. I've tried with a LibreElec VM and a Windows 7 VM. With the LibreElec one, I even deleted it, created a new one, and have the same problem. I’ve attached my diagnostic logs, in which I did the following: - Reboot server - Stop PlexConnect plug-in - Stop all auto-start Dockers (Nextcloud and PlexMediaServer) - Start LibreElec VM, wait 30s - Try VNC. Failed - Try clicking “Connect” two more times. Failed - Stop VM - Grab logs. I don't know if it's related to the DVB install/uninstall or not. Is there a way to reset the KVM configurations or VNC system to defaults? Thanks!