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  1. Changing mine from 3G to 1024M has also got it to 'Synchronizing block information'.
  2. When I started with this I needed to scroll down in the GUI to see the complete list of folders, which wasn't obvious at first.
  3. I'd looked in History->Tools but didn't find anything useful Those last files refuse to backup and I don't know which ones they are.
  4. I'm trialing this at the moment and I've backed up multiple folders and thousands of files. According to the GUI I've got 20 files (183MB) remaining that it won't backup. Is there an easy way to find out which files it's referring to? Thanks.
  5. I had changed all of the /mnt/cache to /mnt/user. I just realised that unRAID wasn't quite up-to-date. With the update to 6.5.3 installed all of the duplicate errors have gone. I don't know why they survived the previous couple of reboots.
  6. unRAID 6.5.1 The FCP extended test was giving me a long list of 'The following files exist within the same folder on more than one disk. This duplicated file means that only the version on the lowest numbered disk will be readable, and the others are only going to confuse unRaid and take up excess space:' errors. They all existed on cache and one of the other drives. I decided to remove the cache drive completely and followed a guide I found. Following the removal unRAID appears to be happy with everything working as normal. I re-ran the FCP extended test and most of the duplicate file errors have gone. What I can't understand is that there are still warnings related to PlexMediaServer and CrashPlanPro. It's still reporting that files exist on cache and I haven't got a cache drive connected. I've rebooted unRAID twice, once to plug the cache drive, and then again just-in-case.
  7. Default setting. I did change the CrashPlanPRO share 'Use cache disk' to Yes to get rid of the error/warning when I ran Fix Common Problems. Following your instructions it's now back up and running. Thanks.
  8. I started using this yesterday with the one month trial. It seemed to be working fine and I left it backing up overnight. This morning I couldn't access the GUI. The was a message similar to 'could not connect to background task'. I restarted the docker and could then connect but it's now telling me that I've never backed up. When I checked on the crashplan website and it's now showing two devices with the same name. This isn't a great start and I'm not sure what the best option is to continue. Do I replace one device with the other or add as a new device? If I replace the device what options should I be choosing when it asks about transferring files?