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  1. Hello Frank1940, thanks for the quick reply. I do have the reg key as I made a concerted effort to save that by my mailing that to myself, pitty I didn't do that with config info... learning note to self!!! Funny thing is I have been transferring data to the cloud, just not got to the folder that my unRaid saved files are in.. yes muppet award ? I know what my drive arrays are as I labelled the drives in the server so know what's parity and drives1-6 plus ssd cache drive. So, going to grab a fresh USB and see what happens...
  2. Hi everyone, I really need some help here. 6.3.4 was ruining fine, logged into the browser GUI today and saw a 6.3.5 version available, so clicked on update and after it did its patching as I have done several times before I rebooted... and now my issue which I don't believe is down to the upgrade but... I left it a few minutes and then refreshed the webpage to unRaid and still a blank screen not connecting, pinged the IP of the server and no response.. hmm I thought. I then plugged in a VGA Cable and connected it a monitor... the bios was sat trying to enable network boot at which point I thought that's not right it should have booted the USB drive. Rebooted again and when into the bios, all drives show including the boot drive a Kingston Datatraveler 3.0 so forced a boot of the USB drive when the screen went blank for a couple of seconds and then the network boot kicked I bypassing the USB boot. That's not good I thought... So I took the USB drive out of the server and connected it to my win 10 desktop when it presented me with a "drive unrecognised do you want to format it" error, at that point I thought crap its corrupted. unplugged and re plugged in each time saying the same error, looks like it has failed. I am now trying to create an image of the usb drive using R-Studio and it is giving me so lots of read disk errors and so going to take another 6hrs o I can see what data is on here. I searched for a backup of the USB disk and I know I have one on the array... but so far haven't found another.. ? How can I boot my server and mount the array, I don't want to just go ahead and try a default install on a different USB stick as not sure that would affect the array negativity. Please help, what can I do?
  3. Hi, Ive noticed inconsistent transfer speeds as of late and I am not entirely sure why that is. Using 6.2.4 Looking at the Network settings within unRAID I see that eth0 has dropped to 100MB/s from 1000Mb/s and don't know why that is. My whole network is 1gig and no 100Mb devices on it. If I restart the UnRAID box it shows me 1000Mb/s for a while and then goes back to show me 100Mb/s I don't recall seeing this in earlier releases... What can I check that might be the cause of this drop? Thanks.
  4. 2 suggestions I can add are: 1. put your unraid box and any clients in the same workgroup in your network. 2. Make the unraid server the 'current local master browser' - you may find that another device on your network is the local master and this will cause issues with smb shares
  5. well, I tried to recreate the issue I had to no avail. my current setup that seems to be working now is my win10 pc is in the same workgroup as the smb settings in unraid. Also and I think this was the reason, my unraid server is the current local master browser whereas before it wasnt, the win 10 pc was.
  6. I was about to post this exact question. Notify My Android would be a welcomed addition to the Notifications so I hope that can be put out in an update very soon.
  7. I've been having this same issue whereby my win10 client would not connect to my unraid box. After changing the Workgroup in the SMB settings page to something different to my actual PC workgroup, all my shares became connected again.