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  1. Hey guys, I have successfully set everything up and it works perfectly. SSL and all. However, when a user connects and clicks "more details..." when asked "Allow VPN connection to...", the info presents the whole config file - something that doesnt feel right. Even the SSL information is there in plain sight. Is that normal? Can one edit the data that is shown in this "More information..." thing? If so, how ? I appreciate any help !
  2. Hey guys, I've set up unraid and it was all running pretty good for about 3 days now. Ive had a few problems with dockers but found great help here, I hope you can help me once again At first all windows machines in the network were able to connect to the SMB Server via Explorer -> Network. After 3 days one of the PCs couldnt anymore, said "Cant connect to \\hostname" with the details being "Error Code 0x80070035, The network path wasnt found". My PC is set to german, so I'm translating here. All other PCs could still access it and see the shares this way. I spent quite a while on tr
  3. I take from this that you guys get the same error, at least im not alone
  4. 6.2 Edit: I already completely deleted the docker and any folders created by it and got it again via Community Apps. Had an update right away, still said it has an update after running it.
  5. Hey, hope im in the right thread here. I use the mineos-node and I love it! Setting up a FTB Server was really easy. I have a question about the docker itself though. I installed it (via Community Apps) and then it said there is an update right away. I did that and after it would still say theres an update, so its never showing "up-to-date". Did I do something wrong or is it an error in the script ? Im just wondering if I did something wrong and having it not up to date also gets my OCD going
  6. Ohh! Sorry guys, I'm new to all this Working now, thanks for the help !
  7. What would be the correct way to map it then, considering my first posts information ?
  8. That is weird though. If I have the same C-Line, and set up Oscam exactly the same, except changing the network from bridged to host...On bridged, I dont get any connection. On host, I do right away. Local network client. If you'd like to investigate this, let me know. Otherwise, are there any disadvantages running it as host ?
  9. Edit: Nevermind guys. It was set up as bridged...gotta be a host obviously. All running now. Hey guys, used to run Oscam on a raspi, now wanna use this docker. I copied my settings over pretty much, but even with some tinkering I cant get my clients to show up/connect. This might be port related, although even clients within the same network dont connect. The clients use cccam. I'm confused by port 10000 used by the docker, anyway, here are some basic infos to ports and C-line: Unraid machine ip(local): WebIF:8888 (docker default) Port:10000 (docker default,what
  10. True. I'll post it there too Edit: Nevermind, Im an idiot. It was set up as bridged...gotta be a host obviously. I see my cleint now, yay !
  11. I know the version of this repo is gonna die, but this thread seems to be still active. I did get the other version of oscam though. I used to run oscam on a raspberry pi and would like my unraid server to do it. I set up oscam like I did with my rpi, I pretty much just used the same configs. I do get my card to read since I can see the entitlements. However, my problem is the users connecting to oscam - they dont. The clients use CCcam, I changed the C-Line to include the IP of my unraid machine. I forwarded the cccam port set in the oscam config (49384 in my case) to the unraid machine
  12. I'm setting up unraid for the first time so this is my first time of passig trough. Before I try and fail, can someone claify this for me: I do not have any addition PCI USB Card yet, only onboard. So lspci | grep USB gives me only one device. However, I do have two buses on that controller - every 3.0 onboard usb on the back is on bus 001 and so is the front 3.0 port. Bus 002 is the internal 2.0 header. I used a header to female usb cable and im running the unraid stick from there to have it inside the case, so Unraid runs from bus 002. So am I good with just one contr
  13. Haha I bet ! However, by the time I do need more HDDs, its probably time to upgrade several components anyway Thanks guys, you were a great help in picking the parts
  14. Gotcha, thanks! I won't exeed 2 hdds and one ssd ever, but if it's acting up I'll know to look for a single rail PSU
  15. Understood, dockers to the ssd. I'll have to look into it as well, can I just use one partition for the Windows VM and the dockers or do the dockers need their own partition etc. but I'll figure all of it out. Thanks for clarifying about the PSUs. I'm sure it's of more importance if I want to run a 18 drive array. Since I'll be just running a hdd and an ssd, I'm confident I'll be okay with the two rail PSU, even if I add another HDD at a later point.