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  1. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on that thread, no use in doubling it up. If there is any additional info I can provide to help please let me know. Great project, tho! I really needed to update my resume and this made a really simple way to make it look nice.
  2. I tried a few steps going all the way down to 100x100, but no change in the results. To be sure it wasn't something wrong with my image, I also tried linking to a random image online ( and it did the same thing with that as well, both on my hosted version and the public web one. Is there a log anywhere inside the docker that might shed some light on what is happening?
  3. I tried it in both Brave and Chrome and it does the same in both, even with most of the security stuff in either turned off. I tried it in edge, but the page doesn't seem to work very well in there. Just for kicks I tried switching templates, but that seems to do the same thing on each of them that I tried. Finally, I tried switching to a different image in case there was something wrong with it, but that also does the same thing. I also tried a few different PDF viewers, but no luck there either. Oddly enough, I tried it on the public site ( and it did the same
  4. I got your reactive-resume docker up and running, and it works great until I try to save as PDF. When I do this, everything saves with the exception of my photo. It just displays a blank area in the PDF where the picture should be. The photo displays fine in the viewer prior to and after trying to save as PDF. There are no errors that I can see. Any ideas of what I can do or where I can look to help figure out why?
  5. Sorry, I would but I already wiped it. I did as much testing as I could on it and nothing seemed to be wrong, so I just decided to wipe it and use it to haul around ISOs and stuff that won't matter if it does eventually flake out on me.
  6. I decided to just go with a new thumb drive. I just brought it back up with a copy of the config directory from the old flash and things are looking good so far. In case anyone else has this issue, the procedure I used is as follows: 1 - Made a fresh backup of my original thumb drive files. 2 - Purchased a new thumb drive 3 - Used SDFormatter to format new thumb drive as FAT32 with the "UNRAID" label specified 4 - Downloaded 6.2.1 from the Lime site 5 - Extracted 6.2.1 to the new thumb drive 6 - Booted from the new thumb drive 7 - Applied original license key - got error tha
  7. I had checked that the drive label was "UNRAID" previously, but I went ahead and did what you requested, and received the following output.
  8. So, I found which seems to be describing a pretty much identical situation. The poster in that case ended up rebuilding onto a new USB, which seems to have fixed his issue. I'd rather get it working without doing that, but I guess it is something I can do if nothing else works.
  9. I forgot to include the following in the last reply. /etc/fstab contains the following:
  10. While reading through some other posts, I found something that may be narrowing down the issue. Someone else having issues was told to look at df to see if the usb stick was being mounted in /boot, and as seen below, mine is not: I tried mounting /boot, and get the following: However, /dev/disk doesn't have a by-label directory in it: A listing of /dev/disk/by-id, however, shows the sandisk usb stick: Did something change in 6.2.1 that removed the by-label directory?
  11. I took the upgrade to 6.2.1 through the web gui today. Everything looked fine, so I carefully prepared everything and rebooted, and after a while realized the system didn't come back up like normal and in fact I couldn't even ping it. I hooked up a monitor and found that the system had picked up a DHCP address for some reason on br0, even though it still has the correct address in the network.cfg on the thumb drive (I checked). Oddly enough, it also no longer requires a password for root and seems to be using the hostname "Tower" again now, so it apparently has reset some defaults. I am no