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  1. I watched a few SpaceInvaderOne video's last night but didn't get any closer unfortunately. Back to the original setup per post 1. Any help or guidance is appreciated!
  2. I should add that everything internal IP associated with this setup is static IP. Nothing is moving around that is associated with this issue as far as IP assignments.
  3. Thanks in advance for the assistance. I am completely confused now on my setup. I am attempting to use SWAG to reverse proxy anything I want, and I had it set up great, but with my latest setup I've put myself into the pit of misery. Here is a general layout of my network for associated devices: Google Fiber ISP (External IP) --> Google Fiber Router/DHCP ( --> 16 port switch (unmanaged) --> UNRAID UNRAID has DNS set to PiHole, which is set up in docker and uses br0 connection, assigned IP is Works great for traffic in/out of house as Google Fiber Router is set to that DNS. Also on Unraid is docker with all of my apps (Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett, etc.) on the Host network (.86.6:####) which each have settings to proxy THROUGH delugeVPN port (which also has the proxynet network set up, but I just use the proxy port and it works great). All apps are connected through VPN outbound as far as I can tell. Everything works as intended/great, and each app can see each other (Sonarr to deluge and back to Sonarr, to Plex, etc.) Now comes the problem, I used to have a working SWAG setup via duckdns, and for the LIFE of me I can't get it working again to access all of my apps from outside of my network. I have tried multiple different networks (br0, Host, proxynet) all of which either fail or give me the error that port 80 and 443 can't be mapped because they are already in use (not home otherwise would post exact phrasing). So how does SWAG play into this equation. I am port forwarding port 80 and 443 to 180 and 1443 on my .86.6 (UNRAID Host) and tried Host, but I think SWAG is still trying to grab 80 and 443 despite me setting http: as 180 and https: as 1443 in the docker app settings. Perhaps there is an advanced setting I am missing? It seems like the Unraid UI and SWAG are both trying to grab .86.6:80 and 443. EDIT: Adding that duckdns docker app is working flawlessly to update public IP and SWAG was properly set up to use those credentials to work, so I see no issues/log reports related to duckdns aspect of SWAG. Please help with a few things: 1) What is SWAG supposed to be set as, should I be using a dedicated IP (br0) for it and mapping external 80 and 443 to that, or is my current setup with Host network and mapping 180 and 1443 better? 2) Why would SWAG not be able to grab 80 and 443? Is Unraid UI already using that (I assume yes, just want to confirm). 3) Does the proxynet that delugeVPN sets up come into play here? Am I actually exposed when I don't want to be? Also, what the heck is Bridge mode and when would I use it? I'm trying to understand, read the documentation, but am not sure when I should use that network type. Thanks, Kevin
  4. I've thrown a recommendation in the upgrade notes that people change their ports away from 443 and 80 due to the conflict with the new Unraid SSL cert system. Perhaps that will alleviate a lot of the common issues seen above.
  5. I'd recommend adding something about those with LetsEncrypt using port 80 and 443 now conflicting with the new Unraid SSL cert system. Most people are posting over in the nextcloud and LE dockers so perhaps they would see it here first and prep accordingly. Note that port 444 (or 445?) is already reserved for something else so a different port (I used 442) must be used.
  6. Glad to see this implemented! I think it will work great.
  7. I can access my stuff through LetsEncrypt reverse proxy. Are you using that?
  8. Yes thank you so much binhex. I'll let you guys know if any further mail shows up, but for now everything seems to be working as expected. Lesson learned: USE the privoxy for your meta gathering apps!
  9. I've now incorporated socks5 with auth proxy for all 4 levels
  10. See responses above. Thanks for responding so quickly. I suspect the socks might be the issue?
  11. Just upgraded to 6.4.0 after 108 days of uptime. So glad I gave this a second chance! Everything is working spectacularly (minus a nastygram from ISP the other day which I've posted about in delugeVPN)!
  12. So I just got a nastygram from my ISP, and I'm wondering how in the heck it happened. I shut it down for now but plan to bring this back online. I've confirmed my IP and DNS are not leaking via ipleak, I am getting a good VPN connection per the logs, and I've confirmed via magnet link from ipleak that my external IP matches the logs. Is there anything else that I can do to test for leaks? I'm not entirely sure how it happened. Is there any way to add a killswitch or is this already a part of the build? Wanting to be as safe as possible considering the circumstances. TIA.
  13. Me either. I will state that I am using settings, so I'm unsure if this is because I went with a bit different approach?
  14. Phew this one is throwing me for a loop. I port forwarded my IP 80 --> 81 and now I can VPN in and get to all of my internal links and everything is working great, but the Unraid GUI connection is refused. Any reason the 2 would be related?