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  1. Yes you can run Jupyter notebooks by following those instructions. You first need to map the docker container port 8888 to a host port (in the unraid docker config page), then in Pycharm choose Run->Run->Edit configuration and change the Jupyter host to
  2. I just don't like the idea of executing my dodgy scripts directly on Unraid (as well as installing the correct version of Python + third party modules)! Much more piece of mind for me to run it in a docker and just schedule it from Unraid.
  3. First time using PyCharm and it certainly is a nice IDE. The debugger is quite a bit more useful than IDLE! I couldn't find much useful about scheduling my python script, but I achieved it by using Unraid to schedule the running of the python script within this docker: 1) First, install CA User Scripts 2) Create a folder e.g. "email_fund_info_binhex_pycharm" in flash\config\plugins\user.scripts\scripts with two files: "description" and "script" 3) The description file just contains a short description reminding me which script is running in which docker and the bas
  4. Hi Snoopy Do you think it would be possible to include the MusicIP server? You can download it from here: http://www.spicefly.com/article.php?page=musicip-software Installation instructions are here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Integrating_MusicIP_with_SqueezeCenter or http://www.spicefly.com/article.php?page=musicip-linux Note that you don't need to analyse files or install a Gui. Just configure mmm.ini and copy mmserver to /etc/init.d/ and map port 10002 in the docker. The user can decide to use it or not. Regards Andrew