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  1. I would love to have a way of decrypting my hard drives without moving my Data of the drives..
  2. Hi Guys just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to setup this with ProtonVPN . I have followed the Video but i think it is different if you use a other VPN provider. I have followed the Video but i think there was a lot of changes. I hope someone can assist
  3. Thanks that makes me feel better and once again thanks for the help.
  4. This is what i am seeing and sorry if it is not anything serous. I have removed the 3 TB drive 2 weeks ago and added this 6 TB drive that is brand new. On the 3 TB i ran some tests and it is not finding anything wrong with the drive.
  5. Thanks for the reply and thanks for the help.
  6. Hi Guys and girls i need some advice if possible. I had to replace my Hard drive on the unraid because the system where saying that the drive is Faulty. I replaced the drive and put it into a other syste mand tested it and the software found now problem with it. I have replace the cabled but it still complained that the drive was pre fail. The new drive is brand-new and if i looks at the drive it also brings up pre fail why is that.
  7. I do agree that is it not Unraid job to do Notification but it would be nice as Unraid work very welll.
  8. There is something i would like to see. Out of the Box encryption, Faster Parity Checks, Compression, Better VM Support. Better support for Dockers like SABNZB sending email when something is started and done. I know you are working on most of this. Thanks in Advance. Keep up the good work.
  9. Hi All. Thanks for the reply's i was thinking that my docker is maybe corrupt well i do not know. it start no problem so i have no idea . if possible how do i recover the config from this docker i have been backing it up. Thanks for the help
  10. Hi All . I hope anyone can help me i am getting this error from the Sabnzb docker. 2020-01-18 20:29:09,821::INFO::[newswrapper:269] Failed to connect: (110, '[Errno 110] Connection timed out') 1@NEWS.USENETSERVER.COM:563 Have anyone seen this. We do have very slow internet speed at the moment not sure if that is the problem thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for this looking at it now.
  12. I just want to say i also came from Flexraid and i must say Unraid have been great very easy to setup. The dockers are amazing works well. The community at Unraid is very very helpful and that made my purchase great. If you need some help on the setup have a look at this Spaceinvader one Vids are amazing. Lost a drive the other day and was so easy to replace and rebuild. The only problem i do have with Unraid is that if you do a parity Check it take very long and if that runs you cannot really use the machine. And i also noticed if you copy Data from your Cache drive to your Shares it also take a long time. But apart from that it is very Good and i am very happy.