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    Yes!! Do this! +1
  2. I don't understand why you've tasked Sonarr/radarr with moving files from the cache to the array. That's the job of Mover in Unraid. You must have some interesting drive mapping going on in those containers?
  3. This is all really good info, thank you.
  4. I currently have 6 - 3TB drives in my unRAID server and I'd like to start buying 6TB drives as the price has come down. I know I will need a 6TB parity drive to cover the new 6TB array drives, so would it be possible to use two of my old 3TB together to create a single 6TB parity drive for unRAID?
  5. Thanks to you both! I'm going to give this a try later.
  6. So I've got a bizzare one. Had an issue with the server about a month back where the GUI froze and I lost the ability to control the server, so with no other options I did a hard reboot of it. When the server booted back up, Deluge and PlexPy were both marked as stopped in the docker list. I couldn't restart them and the weird thing was I couldn't remove them either. Clicking the Remove icon gives me a Execution Error - Server error. I attempted to reinstall the dockers but it won't let me unless I rename it something else (called plexpy "plexpyp" and then it worked) but I can't get rid of the crashed dockers from the docker list. It's like they're stuck there forever now. I went in through Putty and removed the folders from the array manually but the two dockers still show up. Can anyone help me remove these two from Unraid so that I can reinstall the dockers properly?
  7. The simple answer for me has been getting an Nvidia Shield on each TV. It's ability to natively decode 4K UHD HDR with True HD audio allows my server to direct play any 4k video I have, taking next to no CPU power. When it comes to watching 4k content on an iPad or the kitchen TV that doesn't have a Shield, the answer to the family is "Don't play that movie here. You have to go to the living room and use the TV." It's a minor inconvenience but I'm not about to spend $1000 on a processor to transcode the odd 4k movie to an iPad. The cost-convenience factor just isn't there.
  8. Before you go replacing hardware, I'd start by disabling everything I can in the BIOS. Shut off C1 and C6, disable HPC, disable onboard sound, disable serial port, disable LAN booting... just turn off everything you can find that isn't necessary for your server. See if that has any affect. If that fixes it, that's a much easier solution than ripping your whole server apart.
  9. How are your IOMMU groups assigned? unRAID may have grouped your video card and sata card into the same IOMMU group which could cause resource issues.
  10. FYI I tried it yesterday and got the same thing. I'd appreciate a solution to this as well.
  11. The System Temperature plugin has a one-third output on my MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon. The MB temperature is reading 7 degrees C which would be astonishing if it were true. The more likely scenario of 21 degrees C (room temperature) would be more likely. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the plugin, removed/re-added the MB drivers, and there's been no change. Anything else I can do to get a proper readout?
  12. Thanks Squid! Sounds like I probably need to upgrade my RAM.
  13. Hi everyone. I just upgraded my server to version 6.3.3 and now I'm seeing an error message I've never seen before. It shows up as "Error: Call Traces found on your server". It has something to do with the Linux kernel? It's showing up at 21:09:58 in my log and then informed me again at 04:40:14. The Fix Common Problems app said that I should post the log to the unRAID forums, so here I am! I haven't noticed any odd behavior yet - the server seems to be running OK - but the error still bothers me. Why would this be happening? tower-syslog-20170401-0914.zip tower-diagnostics-20170401-0914.zip