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  1. Hi, I have had my unraid server for about 2 years now. I have WD Red Drives, and a Hitachi drive as my parity drive. About 6 months ago, my server notified my that one of the drives had failed. I bought a new drive and sent the old one back to WD for repair. However I did not get very far. About 5 minutes into the rebuild process, the system indicated that the new drive had also failed(Red X). This process has happened 4 times now. I have either bought new or replaced with refurbished drives sent from WD and the data rebuild fails. Today, I went out and purchased a BRAND NEW 2TB WD RED Drive and installed it with the same problem. What is going on? This has to be an unraid problem because 4 drives bought over 6 months from different sources cannot all be faulty. Attached is everything that is in my diagnostics folder. Hopefully this is enough. nancenas-diagnostics-20171231-1954.zip