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  1. Upgraded my unraid server do to some bad testing on my end. My internet had been very slow these last couple of days and bypassing the router led me to false conclusion. After bypassing the router my speed went up. I figured my router was bad, so instead. of going out and buying a new router, i decided to virtualize pfsense. I've been wanting to build a baremetal pfsense firewall but the hardware i had didn't want to work. Once I installed the intel quad nic to my old hardware, I realized it didn't support IOMMU groups. Everything was just one giant group. At this point I decided I had to swap out for something newer. I happened to have a new z390 Taichi and 9900k that weren't in use and thats' what I upgraded to. The other hardware is mostly the same. I don't do much with this other than run plex and a few other dockers. Everything is pretty much direct play and I don't really need the 9900k, but it's the only processor I had laying around that would work in this Z390 board. I also have a 1tb sabrenet rocket nvme drive that I wanted to use for cache, but never got to it. Not even sure if it's necessary. Here is a list of everything I got. Fractal Design R5 Asrock Z390 Taichi 9900k Prolimatech Armageddon cooler Noctua iPPC 2000 fans on cooler and case with factory case fan at the bottom I just added in. 8TB HGST ultrastar or something for parity 8TB HGST NAS 4TB HGST NAS x 4 128GB Samsung 840 pro x2 for cache intel i350 quad port nic LSI 9207-8i Before I was using an Asrock Z87m OC formula with 4770k. Turns out it wasn't the router, just bad service from isp.
  2. You're right, it's obvious. All user shares.
  3. You're right, they're all user shares. I'm pretty sure that I don't have disk shares.
  4. While I was reading that docker faq, it said something about keeping the docker img on the cache drive. If I'm reading this correctly and based on the picture above. Since the docker img is not in root, but instead in system/docker/docker img. then the mover will move it to a disk share? Could that be why it was in a share when I first posted in this thread and then after deleting it, now it appears in the cache drive. Likely tomorrow it will be back in the share?
  5. The two LOG fields appear once enabled, they have values that I'm not sure if I leave default or not. Thanks for the help BTW.
  6. The dashboard currently shows 26% usage on docker image. I checked container size and krusader is using the most with just a little more than 2gb. LOG rotation was disabled. Do I enable and leave default settings?
  7. Off the top of my head, I don't really understand volume mappings. When I set things up and followed a guide, I might have vaguely understood things. I set everything up following spacedinvader's guides on youtube. I've probably had unraid for around a year now and I don't really touch much. Until today it had been running 51 days. As for dockers that download, I have sab/sonarr/radarr, but I assume sab does the downloading.
  8. Well, that did the trick. Deleted the docker image, then enabled docker. Everything is back to normal, now I just need to figure out why. Is the docker img file always supposed to be max size? With docker running, it's now located in the cache drive and still 21.5gb. Does it look like I have things mapped correctly.
  9. Hi, So i'm having issues with my docker service not working. I think it's because it may be full. I logged in to the webGui and had several notifications about the docker image filling up. I've looked in /mnt/user/appdata/ and don't see anything about docker there. When I look /mnt/disk1/system/docker there is a 21.5gb file. Seems it's larger than what was supposed to be set. This confirms to me that the file is too large. I'm thinking that I might have things mapped incorrectly and likely I need to either delete and or move the docker.img somewhere else. I'm not exactly sure which way to go about this. Under settings/ docker I've tried to enable docker but it still doesn't run. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20181221-1836.zip
  10. I'll give that a shot. I probably should have just let it charge like I had initially planned. Thanks.
  11. After looking at this thread a few days ago, I decided to replace the batteries on my ups that had been hidden away in the closet. It's an old APC model i've had for quite some time. As soon as I installed the batteries and plugged it in, the unit showed 100%. I initially had planned on just plugging it in and letting it charge before turning it on. So since the batteries were at 100%, I decided to connect things to it. After looking at the load, 5-6 minutes seems very low. Now it has me thinking that possibly one battery or both are bad. Does this seem way off?
  12. I like the case, I use one in my daily machine and use the old R5 for my unraid server. The thing with the R6 is that it comes with only a handful of those 3.5" drive trays and buying additional trays seems almost impossible. Fractal doesn't seem to sell anything and right now you'd either have to buy a second case or find someone who is willing to sell you their unused trays.
  13. I've been thinking about possibly upgrading my server to one of these 8 core chips. I don't think I really need it at the moment for what I do, but I always like upgrading stuff. I'm currently using a 4770k and don't do much other than plex. It's either that or swap hardware with my daily machine. Pretty much it'd be trading a 5960x for a 9900k and use newer architecture. Maybe just leave things alone and not spend any money. Who knows.