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  1. That works lol. Just keep in mind if you add any more users into the MineOS server they will also have access to that world import.
  2. dyker, You should be able to place your world in the servers folder in your MineOS directory in appdata. All the account control and how MineOS sees and operates the servers though is handled by the underlying linux user account control. This means that you most likely will have to ssh or attach to the docker MineOS container and change the permissions on the imported files to allow the root account to see it.
  3. Hey guys, I've got the docker running, updated to Java 8, and now running a Project Ozone 2 v2.2.1 server quite well. My question is, how do I go about adding user to mineOS so they can login and only have access to their particular servers? EDIT: Found the issue. The /etc/supervisor/conf.d/minos.conf file does not have the command line set to run the server as sudo. Therefore it is not able to check if any other users exist other than the minecaft user. Fix that and you are off to the races.