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  1. no the cpu had never been over clocked. It was a old "first" build were you just buy the "best" everything whether you are ever gonna use it's potential or not
  2. it's actually extremely clean in there =\ I blow out all my system twice a year. Leaning more towards a possible bios issue at this point. That or maybe the pump is not working as it should. it's on older i7-4770k with a 120 Corsair AIO (forget the model) but at this point yea totally worth a clean to rule it in or out. Also wonder if I have a random stock cooler that would fit to test.
  3. I feel it's safe to say we found the culprit? unraid-diagnostics-20190712-0421.zip
  4. would it be advantageous to start up and start a parity check then grab a new diag to see if anything shows up? And thanks for the tip on the test cycle I will def do that.
  5. also the server is powered down until i know whats up. also have new ram/cpu/mobo on the way already
  6. Ok, gonna spew out a bunch because it sure was a crazy morning. Last night I had just noticed that the server was acting up and couldn't connect to it at all so I had to force shutdown on case. When I turned it back on the first time, it did not come back online. so had to force shut down again. Took a 3rd try for it to come back online. I figured something was up but didn't have time to do any trouble shooting as it was already late so I just shutdown from web interface. This morning when I went to boot it up, it didn't. tried a few more times to no success so I grabbed the HDMI to hook up and actually see what was going on. It kept getting stuck in boot at "unpacking initramfs", searched on here and google while I did a memtest. The test did not finish and it just randomly rebooted on it's own and went back to "unpacking initramfs". Shut the system down and took out a stick of RAM and it did manage to boot. Now all this above may have nothing to do with the slow parity check, but it has all happened in the same day so figured it was worth mentioning. once everything was up and running with 8gb of ram down from 16gb it started a parity check, which in itself I thought was strange as it is on a schedual for end of month but figured it's maybe noticed a change and just checking for safety. I have x8 Seagate ironwolf 6tb drives with a single parity which normally only takes around 10.5hrs, this time it is saying it will take 2days + and is going extremely slow. Now none of the drive have any warnings going off anywhere. What would be the best course of action to figuring out what is going on? Due to the earlier RAM issue I have decided to source out some newer hardware that has been on the back burner for a while. however I would love to know the integrity and performance of the drives and system are still in good order before I make any more changes. Thank you for any and all help, response may be slow as heading to work. TLDR: Possible unrelated RAM issues in the morning, but during parity check my normal time for my array has gone from 10 hours to 48+
  7. ok thanks! looks like over night after my first rebuild it crapped out again. Guess ill swap out the cable and see what's up. ty.
  8. unraid-smart-20190405-0627.zip Attached is my full scan of the drive and it said it was fine after it was auto-disabled by unraid. I started to rebuild and the gives me the ! mark showing the same error count of 3. Google searches show thread on here from the past saying it was likely due to a sata cable or something which I don't fully understand the reasoning for. TLDR attached scan file, is this drive good or bad? it's only about 2 years old. Thanks for any and all help.
  9. Ok so back on topic, swapped out the drive and changed cache permissions back and invoked the mover. Re enabled VMs but nothing is showing in my VM tab? Do I need to add a new one but all my old windows vm data will just grab? *EDIT* Just tried it, and yup everything is there. Man I love how this software just seems to work all the time.
  10. Straight up, I am not too familiar with how the dockers work as far as pathing everything to work correctly. (I tried and couldn't really figure it out) I know how windows work and how to get things running in that. I'm just a noob
  11. thanks, everyone for the replies. So I think I figured out what I missed, I didn't disable dockers in my first go around. With that being said I don't actually run anything in the docker so I should be ok to proceed because I didn't actually use anything and this should free up that space on the new cache? I confirmed that the VM was disabled and moved and that was my big worry
  12. TLDR following guide at at step "When the mover finishes check that your cache is empty (any files on the cache root will not be moved as they are not part of any share)" I currently have 21gb that just will not move and I don't consider that empty. See attached photos. Am I in the clear and nothing on there is essential?
  13. Thanks for the reply, I even searched the forums but I guess it was a case of not know what to search!