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  1. Last week, 128gb of DDR4 ECC with Xeon 2867 v4, as of last night 64gb with my Epyc 7352. Xeon was throwing ECC errors on the memory.
  2. Hey All. I have been trying to figure out what is going on with a Unraid system that I am building. It is on a Supermirco C9X299-PGF, which has a IMPI / Aquanta 2.5 GB interface along with a normal Intel 1GB interface. Issue that I having : In order for me to get any network connectivity on the server I have to have both interfaces bonded ( even though I leave the Intel interface unplugged). When I break the bond, I loose all connectivity to the Unraid server, IMPI still works. Worst Case Scenario : I get a Dual Intel 10gb interface card, however i would prefer not to have to purchase anything. babcdata-diagnostics-20191215-1041.zip
  3. Sorry have not posted in a while, had to get motherboard replaced. tower-diagnostics-20180506-1434.zip
  4. OK, attempting to run the BLKDiscard on the SSDs resulted in BLKDiscard ioctl failed : Remote I/O error. Just to make sure, I loaded the drives into my Main desktop and secure erased the drives to make sure that no data existed, and then pre-cleaned with in UNRAID. Still the same problem, the drive keeps coming up as unmountable. Selecting the one cache drive is set, it allowed me to use the one Spare SSD for cache. The 2 1TB drives that i was using are not function for the cache volume.
  5. Sorry I wrote that rather quick. 1) I orginally had 2 cache disks setup this morning when the issue occured. It had been working for the past 3 months, at least. 2) The disk22 SSD is for my VMs, as i did not want them to reside on the cache volume. 3) I had replaced the 2 cache disks, thinking that they may have been the problem, with the lone cache disk. 4) I was referring to the new config option, meaning have to setup the server again. I have verified that the all 3 disks that I have attempted to get the cache setup on are good. Connected to my main desktop, cleaned, and wrote a sizable amount of data to them.
  6. The occured this morning, booted up the server to get my plex docker cleaned up ( metadata ) , and the Cache showed No File System (no btrfs devices). So started troubleshooting, but could never get it to function. I tried different SSDs, cables, resetting the config ( possible corruption), but nothing has worked. Any assistance \ ideas to test next? tower-diagnostics-20180420-1530.zip