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  1. I uninstalled that plugin and reads from disk1 has been dropped from millions to ~ 17 000 in last 10 hour window. That might actually was the problem. Still unclear to me why that reading happened only at one disk in array and constantly. I haven't use spin down feature at long time. All my disk spin 24/7 nowadays. That same disk1 is only one which have reads (17 000) during past 10 hours. All other disks sit at 0 reads and writes. So there might be still some issue but situation is way better than earlier! Thanks to you Squid!
  2. Here are diagnostics. seweri-diagnostics-20210518-1739.zip
  3. Hi, I have tried to solve this problem few days now without any luck. Problem is that something reads from array (disk 1) constantly but I can't figure out which and why. Speed is about 400-600 kb/s and total reads count is + 4 000 000 in less than day. I think that problem is somehow VM or server load related. I have 2 ubuntu VM's which are installed to cache drive and anything from config won't point to array disks. I have installed file activity plugin but it won't show any file usage during reads. I also have tried to stop all dockers without luck. Any idea what can cause this or how to troubleshoot?
  4. Anyone else having speed problems? Download speed is good minute or two and then it will drop fast from 60-80 MB/s to few hundred kb/s and stays there until restart. Same thing happens with linuxserver syncthing docker image. (there is more discussion in syncthing topic) I have tried with docker and VM simultaneously and problems exist only with docker. Same settings and remote servers. Any idea what can cause this? Docker and VM both uses cache drive unRAID version: 6.9.0-beta35
  5. Is there a way to split USB controller or should I just buy pci-e USB hub and pass through that whole thing to VM? Any recommended brand or model? If I have understood correctly, my MB have only one USB controller (Supermicro X11SSM-F)
  6. Hi, I just made my first VM and after some trial and error I managed to pass through my GTX 1660 Super to Manjaro Gnome VM. Everything seems to work but there is no audio trough usb dac. Dac is connected to host like keyboard and mouse and it identifies automatically in VM settings. It also shows in Manjaro settings with correct name but there is no sound, only some pops frequently. Any help? I would also appreciate if someone could check those XML settings if there is something obviously wrong! XML IOMMU groups:
  7. ok, thanks for a check. Just found this topic, seems that I'm not alone with this problem. Problem exist with current Samba shares and earlier NFS shares which I had during KDE install.
  8. Diagnostics attached. Just woke up so haven't had any issues today, but yesterday problem happened many times. (and in every day during uptime) With reboot I meaned PC, unRAID don't need reboot during problem. seweri-diagnostics-20200425-1015.zip
  9. Hi, Backround: I have been struggling with "disappearing shares" for a long time now. About year ago I used Ubuntu (Gnome) and didn't have any problems, then I switched to Manjaro KDE and problems started, I had to switch Samba shares to NFS shares because of many problems. Example: If I wanted to check mediainfo from movie file, KDE (Samba) started to transfer that movie file to my PC and only after completed transfer mediainfo was opened. Switching to NFS solved that problem. At same time "disappearing shares" problem started, and in that point I thought it would be KDE related problem. Few days ago I formatted my PC and switched to Manjaro Gnome version, but problem didn't go away. So actually that problem might be unRAID or linux related, not that specific desktop environment. Problem: All shares will be mounted without any problem during boot. Shares stay visible if I won't modify/add/delete any file trough my PC. When I do so, folder will show up empty and I have to refresh folder to see files. At same time I will lose access to "root folder" of share, but I still have access to all subfolders. Example: I can't access mounted share "/media/movies/" but if I go directly to subfolder "/media/movies/action" everything works normally in subfolders. If I try to access mounted share "/media/movies" I will get error message: Unhandled error message: Error when getting information for file "/-media/movies": Stale file handle Only way to fix problem is unmount shares trough terminal or reboot. With KDE error messages was little bit different, can't remember exactly but it was something like "no such file or directory" KDE also was trickier to unmount, I had to use sudo umount -l /media/movies. Without -l it didn't do anything because "directory is busy" error. PC OS: Manjaro Gnome 19.0.2 unRAID: 6.8.3 with Samba shares Shares are mounted trough /etc/fstab Mount paremeters: // /media/Movies cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8 0 0 Let me know if you need any logs or more information. My knowledge about linux is limited (only some basics), so problem might be in my settings also. BTW: English is not my native language, so hope you get idea of problem
  10. can't change that, It will give error "Error response from daemon: Invalid address It does not belong to any of this network's subnets." EDIT: I reset my pfsense router to factory defaults and it didn't solve problem. However, I had to add custom options to dns resolver because without it I cannot connect to unraid at all. That custom option is shown in video I linked earlier. (timestamp about 16:50 unRAID SSL) Custom option: server: private-domain: "unraid.net" So could that unRAID SSL be a problem? EDIT2: Disabled SSL from unraid settings without any luck.
  11. Sorry, container ip is set only from settings via "network type -> custom br0"
  12. Tried to enable privoxy. With VPN enabled webqui loads instantly and gives "invalid header received from client." Does that give any hint what could be a problem? I also tried to ping containerip:port without any issue, webgui just wont load...
  13. Everything have a static IP from pfsense router. unRAiD - PC - Container - I have whole lan wide openvpn client in pfsense router, but that shouldn't effect access to lan traffic? Also I can log in to container if vpn is disabled from container settings. (I need that "double" vpn to get port forward from PIA, because it can't be done easily from pfsense) EDIT: SSL certificate is enabled to server if that matters somehow. Followed that video when did it long time ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7iR1EbWqEk
  14. I have tried few of these binhex - torrentvpn apps without any luck. I can log in webgui if VPN_ENABLED is "no", if set to "yes" page won't load and connection will be time out. Any help would be appreciated, log file as attachment. logfile