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  1. I think I found a solution to my problem. I'm thinking to go with the Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Ultra and the 10400 for the igpu. It looks like both HBAs will run at x8 as long as I can put one in the first pcie slot without it causing any problems. Am I looking at this correctly or am I missing something? The HBAs are both sas2008 chipsets.
  2. I have 20 drives and don't have an expander so its the only way I can connect them all.
  3. I'm currently using an 11 year old xeon setup and I think its time for an upgrade. It really struggles with plex transcodes. I'm looking at going intel 10th gen for the igpu to use with plex. The problem is I have 2 LSI HBA's and haven't really found a motherboard that's proven to work ok with 2 installed and still have decent performance. Does anyone have a recommendation on a motherboard I could use? P.S. I was going to get the intel 10400
  4. Latest also working for me. Thank you
  5. I tried the deluge plugin with the same results and have to use the earlier version. I too am on airvpn so I checked with a friend on pia and he has no problems. I disabled ipv6 on my router and the problem goes away and the latest version works. I will try those commands when I get home and see what happens.
  6. I updated an hour ago to the latest qbittorrent and couldn't get to the webui. The log just kept repeating could not resolve I changed the repo to the previous version and all is back to normal. Is there something I need to change for the lastest version to work?
  7. I'm having problems with nextcloud as well. It was working fine until I updated it and now I just get bad gateway. I also can't install any new dockers as they wont run and the apps page takes forever to load.
  8. I do have an apps share and its set to cache only. Thats why I don't understand what is going on.
  9. I just checked and there was an apps directory on disk1 so I deleted it and the only on cache is the apps share. I ran mover again and it puts apps back on disk 1. Could a messed up plugin do this?
  10. Here is a bit of history that lead to this problem. A couple days ago my flash drive packed it in but I had a backup and a spare. When I copied the files to the new flash unraid would freeze during booting. I formatted the flash again and decided to start fresh. I copied the disk and share config files to the new flash and reinstalled plugins and everything seemed to be fine. Last night I noticed sickbeard was putting media files on the cache drive even tho the media share is set to not use the cache. I invoked the mover and it moved the media files without problem but I noticed mover would run for hours. My sys log is over 50MB with it full of errors like this one. Jul 19 04:40:02 Tower logger: rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1042) [sender=3.0.7] Jul 19 04:40:02 Tower logger: ./apps/plex/lib/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Metadata/Movies/f/62ac9f71032486c9e70b83b3252e6d8bea8d356.bundle/Contents/com.plexapp.agents.themoviedb/posters/fcc3d64182194493935d5513076d445f637f7aa5 Jul 19 04:40:02 Tower shfs/user0: shfs_mkdir: assign_disk: apps/plex/lib/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Metadata (28) No space left on device Jul 19 04:40:02 Tower logger: cd+++++++++ apps/plex/lib/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Metadata/ Jul 19 04:40:02 Tower logger: rsync: recv_generator: mkdir "/mnt/user0/apps/plex/lib/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Metadata" failed: No space left on device (28) Jul 19 04:40:02 Tower logger: *** Skipping any contents from this failed directory *** When I look through it to me it looks like mover is trying to move my apps share which is set to use cache only. Is there something im missing here as I dont really want to have to start all over again. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have the Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD and can confirm it works fine with APCUPSD without any changes. Only odd thing is it shows the battery at 120% but I had a power outage last week and the server shutdown clean after my 5 minute timeout I have set.
  12. It has happened again after running the intel utility so I think I will just avoid it. Can't do much right now as we had a pretty bad ice storm and have had no power for over 24 hours.
  13. I ran the intel toolbox and continued using the computer for another half hour without problems. Did a proper shutdown with the start menu. I've reinstalled windows and all seems well now. Don't know why the drive decided to crash but I will see what happens over the next couple weeks.
  14. It's on a pure sine ups so it shouldn't be power related. I did run the intel ssd optimizer just before turning it off last night so I hope that didn't do it. I will re image it when I get home from work and see what happens.
  15. I've been using my intel 520 120gb ssd for about 6 months on windows 7 without a single problem. Last night everything worked fine and this morning when I turned on the computer I get invalid boot disk. I pulled it out and connected it to a work computer and it says its all unallocated space. Seems like it will let me format it and install windows again but I dont know if I should trust it now. Any ideas on what could have happened? I have backups so I can live without saving the data on it.
  16. I have a Belkin unit sitting under my desk that makes batteries swell after a couple hours of charging and I never liked it. I always felt it was overcharging.
  17. I've also had other apc units fail and they normally just quit working. Leaves me wondering if its just this one specific model number and how they both started acting up in the same way a couple hours before. They were both older units about 6 years old so i'm sure the newer ones would be ok but I like the cyber power pfc series with the sine wave output so I will get one a try.
  18. Both of them were sitting on a desk in open air with nothing around and a 100w load which is my unraid server. Both models were the same back-ups xs 1500. Funny thing is both failed the same way. Last night I noticed it transferred to battery for a couple seconds and went back to utility so I thought nothing of it. Around 1am I was woken up by it switching between battery and utility every 5 seconds. I turned it off and back on and it seemed to be fine and passed a self test. At 3am I was woken up by the smoke detector and the ups was smoking and the plastic on the top was burning. The fist one did this about a year ago but it bothers me that they can fail this way. Guess i'm off now to buy the cyberpower.
  19. Long story short I woke up at 3am this morning to the smoke detector and my APC UPS on fire. This is the second apc unit I've had catch fire and im done with them. I'm now on the hunt for a different brand but want to make sure it will work with unraid. I'm looking at the cyberpower CP1350PFCLCD and im wondering if anyone else has used this one. Thanks
  20. Sorry my mistake the line is actually Aug 29 13:44:15 Tower kernel: perf_event_intel: PEBS disabled due to CPU errata, please upgrade microcode I just did some more tests and I can use mc and copy from disk to disk and speed is fine. I just copied a 12gb mkv from a windows 7 computer to the cache and it starts at 59 but drops to 28 within 10 seconds. Reading from a disk connected to the motherboard controller shows similar problems where it starts at 50 and quickly drops to 25 or so. Copying from pc to pc generally sits between 90 and 110 so im pretty sure the problem is with unraid or a setting I have missed.
  21. I've been running this server for almost 2 years now but recently noticed a sudden change in performance. Long story short prior to RC15 I could write to cache at about 65mb/s and to the array around 35 to 40. Now on the newer versions and on 5 final cache writes are around 30 and array sits around 16 to 18. I have attached my syslog and the only thing I see is line 185 which I have no idea what that means as im a linux noob. Does anyone see anything that stands out and also please ignore the fan script spamming the syslog as I haven't figured out how to stop that yet. Thanks PS: Parity checks run around 125mb/s syslog.txt
  22. Thanks so much just went ahead and placed the order
  23. I currently have 4 super micro 5 in 3's and I was just wondering if they would fit in an antec 1200? The motherboard in using is a super micro X9SCM-F-O. I did a quick search and get mixed answers as to if they will hit the motherboard. Thanks
  24. Hello. Woke up this morning to find Unraid doing a parity check. It doesn't show any errors that I see but its completing it at less then 1MB/sec with over a month to complete it. My hardware is as follows MB : Supermicro X9SCM-F HDD : 6 WD 2 TB green drives 1 AOC-SASLP-MV8 Unraid 4.7 I have 4 HDD connected to the MB sata 2 ports and the other 2 on the AOC-SASLP-MV8 Can someone please have a look at my syslog to see if anything stands out as to what could be causing this. I did noticed in unmenu there were a couple lines that were red Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: irq 16: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option) (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted #8 (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: Call Trace: (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c10451cf>] __report_bad_irq+0x2e/0x6f (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c1045305>] note_interrupt+0xf5/0x13c (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c1045a14>] handle_fasteoi_irq+0x5f/0x9d (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c1004a82>] handle_irq+0x1a/0x24 (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c1004285>] do_IRQ+0x40/0x96 (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c1002f29>] common_interrupt+0x29/0x30 (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c116d019>] ? acpi_idle_enter_bm+0x216/0x23f (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c12108e8>] cpuidle_idle_call+0x63/0x9b (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c1001a14>] cpu_idle+0x3a/0x4e (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c128a8bf>] rest_init+0x53/0x55 (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c13f580c>] start_kernel+0x27b/0x280 (Errors) Sep 3 08:51:24 Tower kernel: [<c13f5091>] i386_start_kernel+0x91/0x96 (Errors) But I have no idea what these mean. Thanks for the help. syslog.txt
  25. I think your right the computer was off all day so it was cool. It seems as its doing the parity check now the southbridge is getting hot as hell and it's slowing down. Im even noticing when I refresh the web GUI its taking a lot longer to reload it. Im also seeing big speed changes when I push on the motherboard which makes me think the board is toast. I have an XFX Nforce 680i LT laying around. Does anyone know if that board works with Unraid before I rip everything all apart? Thanks