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  1. Sorry i must have taken the snapshot after i set it to a static IP, its the only way i can get IPV4 to function. If i set it to DHCP i get an IPV4 address of as well because i have my router set to reserve .14 for eth0's MAC address. But just doing that i cannot access it via IPV4.
  2. You can probably use either. I use calibre-web so my wife can easily push books to her kindle anywhere in the house. But i had the calibre windows client and just point it at the same SMB share on my unraid box where the calibre db file is and it loads up fine.
  3. So ive had a unraid box for years, nothings changed in the last few days but all of a sudden my box will only respond to its IPV6 address. 1) IPV6 is disabled on my router 2) Unraid is configured for automatic DHCP on IPV4 only 3) My unraid box has a proper IPV4 address 4) I can no longer access the web interface or any dockers through IPV4 address or hostname, only the IPV6 address. 5) I can still putty into it via hostname 6) I can ping my hostname, it responds with my unraid's eth0 ipv6 address. If i ping the ipv4 address it times out. 7) I've reset my router to factory defaults, didnt change anything. 8 ) all of my other devices IPV4 addresses work correctly. I tried disabling IPV6 with the sysctl command ive found on the net, as well as trying to edit sysctl.conf, but neither works after a reboot i assume because the changes are lost on reboot since im not modifying my unraid flash? Please any idea's would be greatly appreciated, i feel like ive covered all of the bases so i'm super confused what is going on. Using unRaid 6.6.6 with no problems until today. Heres my diagnostic file tower-diagnostics-20190202-1951.zip
  4. I think i have it working now. One final question. Is there a way to keep LL from deleting out of my Sabnzbd history? I see it download, it gets processed then removed from my history. I dont want it to do that.
  5. I do have LL config path for calibre still set the same, what path is it passing to calibredb to add? The download dir? The Ebooks dir(is this also supposed to point to root calibre dir?) Nothing gets imported into the db by default once a download is completed, calibre renames/moves it/adds metadata stuff., or maybe im too impatient?
  6. Can someone help me out configuring this with Calibre? Much like a few others in this post im lost about how this actually works. Ive been setting up Sonarr/Radarr/CP/Sickbeard/Sabnzbd stuff for years but this shit just makes zero sense and the documentation for what directory goes where is pretty crap. I want the books from LL to download, be imported into Calibre and have some way to convert/push the books to a kindle for my wife easily. All automated, ideally she add's a book to LL, it will notify her when its done, she will go to Calibre, and push it to her kindle. Seems pretty simple but I for the life of me cant figure it out. I have two folders both visible from my LL+Calibre docker /books/Calibre /books/LazyLibrarian In LL i have my download Dir set t o /books/LazyLibrarian, this is where Sabnzbd drops books I also have my ebook Library folder set to /books/Calibre When a book is downloaded, after i force LL to post-process i end up with a folder in my /books/Calibre folder with the authors name, with the book subfolder, cover, metadata etc as expected. But when i launch something like Calibre-Web and point it at my calibre folder, or the calibre windows app nothing shows up. If i check the library in the windows app it says that there are extra folders in my library not in the database showing my books in /books/Calibre/<AuthorName>/<BookName> If i manually go into the my dockers terminal instance and run something like /opt/calibre/calibredb add /books/Calibre/* --library_path books/Calibre/ -r it imports the books into my database and the client shows them. Why do i need this manual step? Whats the point of giving my calibredb path inside LL if it doesnt seem to be actually doing anything with it to get books into the database? I feel like im missing something fundamental here and this shouldnt be so complicated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am also getting this error on my CouchPotato now.
  8. So i assume other people are running CouchPotato on 6.0.x and not having the same problems I am with CouchPotato failing to download off of API Key, i havent tested with RSS.
  9. Thanks for the help, but still the same error after shutting down the array, deleting the phase common folder off my drive and restarting unraid and then the array. Unraid Plugin image https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2798684/couchpotato2.PNG Plugin Activity log
  10. Another update.. After the install failed i decided to rename the new CP dir and bring back my old one..which was giving me errors about OpenSSL etc in CP. Doing this Couchpotato is back up it shows that i am running Python Version:2.7.10 SQLite3 Version:3.7.17 GIT Version:1.8.4 cURL Version:7.31.0 But i still get an error in Couchpotato when it goes to download something 11-22 12:16:03 DEBUG [hpotato.core.plugins.base] Failed getting cache: Traceback (most recent call last): AttributeError: '_socketobject' object has no attribute 'set_tlsext_host_name' Everything I can find online says that this is because Python is not up to date...so im totally confused. So damn close to just scrapping CouchPotato and moving to DogNZB pushing NZB's to me...but i like the ease of Couchpotato for others to add stuff...
  11. *EDIT* While i thought that fixed it..it didnt..it just made it show up in Unraid properly with the dependencies etc. From a brand new install with none of these directories existing i get this now Here is my Unraid screen https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2798684/couchpotato.PNG Looking in where i store the install and Config (/mnt/user/Persistent/CouchPotato and /mnt/user/Persistent/CouchPotatoConfig) I can see that the config folder has a single .conf file and the CouchPotato directory has everything i would expect...including the CouchPotato.py file...
  12. Im still having the same problem, i deleted the /usr/local/Phaze-common dir, and on Unraid 6.1.2 i get this as my log when i reboot This is on a fresh install of couchpotato, i moved my old directory to a new spot.
  13. Alright i upgraded to 6.x and didnt copy my disk config, but manually remade it myself without disk 1 and am rebuilding my parity now.