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  1. This is regarding the S3 sleep plugin. I plan to use it for shutting down my unraid box every night. I was wondering if the shutdown procedure cleanly stops all the docker containers before shutting down or do I have to use any pre-script command before the shutdown procedure begins?
  2. I've scheduled the mover to run once a day. I have 4 containers running. And the mover runs very early in the morning. My question is, even though I expect there to be no disk activity so early in the morning, what happens if the mover script runs when there is on-going disk activity? Like say .. when someone tries to access contents of a share or docker containers reading or writing to appdata and the mover is running? So my 2 questions are, Is it recommended that I stop all disk activity before the mover script begins? Like stop all containers and disable access to
  3. Thanks for the detailed response. I've set up my notifications and the mover is now set to run more frequently.
  4. I have been using Unraid for the past couple of weeks and I really like it. I've been browsing the different threads here on the community forums and learning about Unraid. I can see myself using Unraid for a very long time because conceptually and useability wise, it seems much simpler. Simple is good : ). I haven't yet had any drive failures, nor have I had any drive errors show up on my webgui. But I would still like to know what kind of initial signs or signals should I look for that will tell me that my drives are failing? I do not want to wait till the end to fix the issue. I
  5. Is it okay to run the TRIM plugin once everyday?
  6. Do we need this plugin to schedule a TRIM or is this now built into UnRaid? Searching google for information about this gives me conflicting results. And is TRIM required in the first place .. for SSD cache?
  7. Thank for that. I was able to verify that my docker delugevpn container was indeed using the VPN. Since I'm on that topic, is there any information about what happens when the VPN connection goes down? Does this delugevpn container have any VPN kill switch, where deluge completely stops all torrenting once the VPN interface or VPN server is down. Ideally, when the VPN is down, I don't want deluge to do any torrenting. This is precisely to avoid situation such as the following, https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/forum/discussion/21609/deluge-with-proxy-still-received
  8. Now I have delugevpn installed and everything seems to be working and going okay. But how do I verify that the deluge is actually using the VPN?
  9. Thanks for that info. As mentioned earlier, I've been using UnRaid for only a few days now. I like it so far. I'm not in a position to determine how often someone will have to access the flash drive on a normal use basis having not used Unraid for that long. If there is a necessity to access it very often, then perhaps the convenience of having quick access to it could outweigh the security considerations. However, I believe that is still debatable. But, on a normal use case basis, if the flash drive is not required to be accessed often, then it shouldn't have to be ex
  10. Oh. I never knew the flash had share settings and that they can be changed. But thanks for pointing that out. In any case, why would the flash usb drive be exported as an SMB share by default? I've had UnRaid for about 18 days now. I noticed that that flash drive was being exported on a Mac 2 days in. But didn't think much of it then, cos I was trying to set up other things on the UnRaid box. Noticed it again today and I knew it had to be fixed.
  11. I created a new share and enabled SMB for that share. It is set to be private. Not available to guests. Only one person has R/W access. Then from my mac, I tried accessing the share over SMB. I'm able to access my share. But I am also able to access the flash usb drive on the UnRaid box. Isn't that a major security issue? As you can see from the screenshots in the attachments, the flash folder and its contents are visible even though, the only share being accessed is at `smb://` I don't have this problem on my Ubuntu box though.
  12. I have a cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD UPS. I went into the settings on the Unraid Web UI tried to configure my UPS settings. The UPS is currently connected via USB to my Unraid box. what settings do I use for the following settings? Start APC UPS daemon ? (mine is not APC. Its cyberpower) UPS cable (I suppose its USB) Custom USB cable? UPS type (this is very confusing. i don't see cyberpower in the dropdown.) Device? Turn Off UPS after shutdown (what is recommended?) THe rest of the settings are self explanatory.
  13. I searched on the threads over here for how often to run the Parity check. The general consensus seems to be that running the parity check once every month is a good idea. When the parity check is run is it a good idea to turn on the "Write corrections to parity" checkbox? Please take a look at the attachment .
  14. The UPS I purchase, should be usable in the UPS settings of the Unraid UI. That is what I was talking about. Specifically this ..