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  1. I found the issue in the maintainers repo: I have fixed it in my branch and sent out an update.
  2. It is essentially launching a bunch of async proc of chromium to scrape. I have a version that uses REST API calls but require an API key for each vendor. At the moment the chromium scraper is the best option for wide distro. To conserve RAM focus on fewer stores, cards, and longer intervals. I am testing my REST based bestbuy this week.
  3. Normally dockerhub can automate builds based on github changes. However, dockerhub does not support two stage automated builds at this time. I am automating the process to update weekly but more steps are involved on my end. Will try to get an update pushed out this weekend.
  4. If you could generate an issue here against the asus.ts model with your new links somebody can get those updated. I keep the unraid version up to date frequently. I am in the process of fixing some newegg and bestbuy definitions as well.
  5. I have not seen that behavior. I usually only monitor newegg, amazon, bestbuy, sony, walmart. Here are the cards the ASUS store supports. If you have additional product URL's those can be added, just let me know. 3080 3090
  6. This container assumes you are running another proxy service container. I use delugeVPN proxy with PIA VPN. You ensure this container is on the same network as your proxy container, include the IP and port to that proxy container. Many other proxy container options out there.
  7. it is being pulled from the originator's main each week to keep it up to date with the latest products. Discord seems to be the fastest notification as email and SMS are a bit delayed when routing through the email servers.
  8. I agree. I am working with the team to get the add-to-cart working, but first I would like to see this moved over to a database driving configuration managed via web interface instead of the heavy environment variable use. Once that is complete, the stores can each be supplied with login information from your configuration to enable add-to-card, the final step would be some logic for checkout if that is permitted.
  9. If you go to this address you will see all of the variables supported by the discord notification: If the variable you want to define is not listed in template just add it as a variable with the name and value set as the "Environment Variable" defined on this page. As far as the group values, I assume you have that information from your discord group you plan to send notifications to.
  10. The default setting is for the browser to be trusted so make sure to leave that as default. If amazon is giving you captcha then you may be hitting it too frequently. Trying playing with the timing setting to back off on the frequency. Also, I use mine in conjunction with bin-hex delugevpn and I use the delugevpn as my proxy with a vpn. This way I am not hitting the stores all the time from my home IP address so when I go to buy I am not coming from the same address all of the stock checking originated from. The only thing this does is ensure my home IP is not in any danger of a te
  11. I used the web interface to select the test:model, test:series, and test:brand. The system sent out the screenshots over the notification mechanism but the web interface gave me the same error. I looked at the png's via the console and it may be the group permission. The important thing is the notifications work. The web screen shots are just an archival reference. I will take a look into more detail and see if I can get the issue resolved. I don't think that mapping the /apps directory as a volume will result in the desired operation. The /apps directory includes all of the
  12. Ok, I will take a look at that today.
  13. This is an old thread but my searching did not yield other threads that are relevant. I have a few dockers in the CA list. I want to add a few variables to the template for one of them. Simple enough, I add the variables and commit to github. I then deleted the docker and attempted to reinstall from CA. My new variables were missing... Oh wait, it must be installing from a local copy of the template. So I go into Docker->"Container Add", and then I manually deleted the template. Ok, so now I attempt to install fresh from CA and again my new variabl
  14. Overview: Support for Docker image streetmerchant in the mitchellriley repo. Application: streetmerchant - Docker Hub: GitHub: Documentation: If you appreciate my work, then please consider buying me a beer via This docker is stock checker bot used to rapidly track the online availability of hard to find items such as GPUs, CPUs, Gaming
  15. I just kept trying all of them in the list and randomly I could get one to work. Not sure how long it would stay up. Questions: I am not sure I have the knowledge but is it possible for someone to modify the logic in the docker to automatically loop through the PIA port_forward enabled list? The manual process is a real PIA. If so, can someone post the scripts needed to modify it for this type of logic.?