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  1. Has anyone grown a raid volume say 4TB to 6TB As one of their parity drives? I am currently testing this. The volume number shows up correctly, as does the size, but I get an error saying wrong... Parity Wrong 2001b4d2041407574 - 6 TB Should be... 2001b4d2041407574 - 4 TB Is there a way to force unraid 6.12 to accept the new size without loosing the data on it?
  2. I am now running 6.1.2, and with a hard drive failure, I noticed the serial numbers for the hard drives are not showing up anymore. Instead I seem to get these weird numbers... that do not correspond to anything on the hard drive physically... I am connecting using two aecera 8 port sata cards. In previous releases I was always able to correlate the hard drive serial number and the drive physically. Has something changed? Device Identification Parity 2001b4d2041407574(SBB) 4TB Disk1 2001b4d2092112206(SBD) 3TB I used to see this: Disk1 PCI-0000;00;1F.2SCSI1:0
  3. Hello all, I have been a long time unraid user. I recently upgraded to 6.1.0 with mixed results. Love the new features and speed of directory caching, but for some reason, every now and then it freezes up the server completely, no network, no logon... Here is a screen capture of the console before reboot...!120&authkey=!ABDG6PMPPRwv-us&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg I do have a failed drive now, but it was doing the same thing before. I ordered a HGST Drive to replace it. Also I wonder if having two acera 8 port pcie card
  4. I see these errors in the logs: Jul 7 23:11:52 Tower cnid_dbd[21769]: error retrieving value from cnid2.db: Invalid argument Jul 7 23:11:52 Tower cnid_dbd[21769]: dbif_getversion: database error Jul 7 23:11:52 Tower afpd[21761]: read: Connection reset by peer Jul 7 23:11:52 Tower cnid_metad[20927]: error in sendmsg: Broken pipe Jul 7 23:11:52 Tower afpd[21761]: read: Connection reset by peer Jul 7 23:11:58 Tower cnid_dbd[21770]: error retrieving value from cnid2.db: Invalid argument Jul 7 23:11:58 Tower cnid_dbd[21770]: dbif_getversion: database error Jul 7 23:11:58 Tow
  5. Guys , What are your thoughts on this? If it works without issues, it just reduced the cost of ownership of a large array! Would we have the drivers needed ?
  6. Does anyone know if it is supported or not in unraid?
  7. Guys, Does the super Micro require a special SFF to SFF cable? It works when I use the SFF to fanout cable, but not SFF-SFF. My Case Norco 24 dive bays, has SFF plugs. The Acera 1222 works great, once you realise you have to set the drives to passthrough mode...DOH! Think I will pick up another cheap used one.
  8. parity 2001b4d2041407574 (sda) 3906249932 * 4 TB - 0 43 0 disk1 [browse /mnt/disk1] 2001b4d2092112206 (sdc) 2930266532 * 3 TB 3 TB 43 0 0 disk2 [browse /mnt/disk2] 2001b4d2032642902 (sdd) 2930266532 * 3 TB 3 TB 43 0 0 flash [browse /boot (flash device)] Patriot_Memory - 16.01 GB 15.95 GB 315 48 0 Array Status Started Stop will take the array off-line. Parity-Sync in progress. Cancel will stop Parity-Sync. WARNING: canceling Parity-Sync will leave the array unprotected! Total size: 4 TB Current position: 261.91 GB (7%) Estimated spee
  9. I need two brackets now. Still looking....
  10. Folks I am building my second system, with the latest code. My plan is to use ARC-1222 PCIe and raid 1 the parity drive. My question is, once I am up and running, is there anything that needs to happen if I migrate over only a few disks of the old array that was running 4.6? I expect to have to recreate the the shares, but moving over a sata drive, will it simply see the data, or is there some vodoo I need to do?
  11. Folks does anyone know where I can buy the longer mounting bracket for ARC-1222 PCIe? Mine came with the short bracket only. Seller does not have the other bracket.
  12. Do you have to use the trays? I would love a 5 in 3 where you could just drop the drive in, and have a bungie hold it there, so you can read the serial numbers! No screws to mess with. Hhow well does Unraid handle hot swapping drives? That is what I like on the backblaze pods, the simple drop. I noticed on version 3 they talked about how import vibration is for longevity of the drives, and they added an anti virbation bracket.
  13. Can you guys not use the trays and just insert the drives? That would be great, then you coud see the serial numbers up fron, and plug and pray.
  14. Can you provide the link to ddrescue procedure? I am still stuck with the parity drive showing up as blue, and drive 1 as red. I do not believe I can use the force parity drive back online, since I have a failed drive in the mix, at least not with what I read in the forums. If I can get the parity drive online, then replace the failed drive, for a rebuild, that would be amazing. Looking at building my second unraid as we speak. I think I will port my data over, and reduce the number of drives in half, as I still have many 700GB dirves. Running 4.6 Unraid (If it ain't broke, don't play
  15. The problem I am having is that the start button is greyed out.... It will not let me start, no matter if I unassign slot 1 or not. The parity drive shows up blue.