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  1. Did some digging, so corsairmi use the HID protocol to communicate with the PSU see, since rm and hx psu are HID's see: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=663107&p=663107 my ax1600i does not report as a HID, so corsairmi will unfortunately not work. corsairmi would need to be rewritten to support what ever communication protocol the ax psu's uses.
  2. unfortunately the test build does not seam to work with my ax1600i, no data is shown on the dashboard.
  3. Corsair homepage say that it is "Compatible with CORSAIR iCUE" so hopefully it should work: 0x1c11 AX1600i
  4. nice plugin, any chance it will get AX support?nice plugin, any chance it will get AX support?