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  1. TBSCamCity

    (WTB) E5-2648L V2/E5-2658 V2

    I'm looking for E5-2648L V2's or E5-2658 V2's. Have tons of server stuff for trade if you want something (Mobos, CPUs, RAM, PSUs, etc.) or I will just buy.
  2. TBSCamCity

    Supermicro Fan Problem

    Still going back and forth with their email support and so far nothing has worked. I tried rigging up the Noctua coolers but without the top cover the hard drives were hitting 50C instead of their normal 31C so I scrapped that idea even though the CPUs were frosty cold
  3. TBSCamCity

    S5500BC vs S5520HC

    It's not worth it. It has less QPI links and other than that is just bigger and supports higher TDP CPUs. Unless you need anything an X5680/X5690 then it's a waste.
  4. TBSCamCity

    WD80EZZX vs WD80EFZX

    I'm still preclearing two of each and for some reason both of the WD80EZZX drives are ahead by a good margin. No idea why, but physically they look identical and even the PCD is the same so maybe the only difference is the disabled TLER I hope.
  5. I found an Eaton 30U rack with wheels, a glass door in front, and built in PDU for $70 on Craigslist. I've been using it for years. In my area at least you can find dozens of racks for sale under $150 at any given time. Try that route.
  6. Thanks for the input. All I see for a reasonable price on eBay are the 36 bay ones not the 24 bay ones unfortunately. The only affordable 24 bay ones at the moment are older and don't support the large drives.
  7. I am pretty sure you are mistaken. Every 36 Bay Supermicro I've ever seen is only 2U internally. But here is the cooler http://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-workstation-server/nh-u9dx-i4/specification
  8. Yeah I know but it's only 2U of internal space since the back 12 bays take up the other 2U. I already have (2) 2U's with Dual E5-2670's. Looking to move one of them to a 4U case so I can put Noctua fans in it and also put Noctua CPU coolers in it.
  9. Looking for a 24 bay Supermicro 4U chassis with a newer backplane that supports >2TB drives. I don't want the 36 bay cases because I need 4U internal space for Noctua CPU coolers and larger fans.
  10. TBSCamCity

    Supermicro Fan Problem

    I did but I'm still going to rig up some Noctua coolers for now and keep looking for a nice 4U chassis.
  11. TBSCamCity

    Supermicro Fan Problem

    So they replied with just one sentence saying to factory reset the IPMI, which I already did... Oh well at this point I'm so frustrated I'm just going to order a couple of Noctua i4 coolers and just leave the top off the case. I love these Supermicro cases and would buy a 4U if I could find an affordable one with the newer backplanes that support more than 2TB drives. All the ones I can find are $1000+ on eBay because I haven't been able to find any with just the cases (only full systems). For the time being it'll just have to be an open air case!
  12. TBSCamCity

    WD Red 8TB Helium (EasyStore) - $199.99

    Yeah those figures I showed above are in x265 lol. Some of my 4k movies are 95GB x265. But they are 10bit HDR so...
  13. TBSCamCity

    WD Red 8TB Helium (EasyStore) - $199.99

    I've got a folder of 4K movies that are averaging 50-60mbps, some over 100mbps. It's only 25 movies or so but they are 50+ gigs a piece. Still not that bad though. And yeah by the time it's mainstream we'll have 20+TB drives so it won't be so bad. Heck they're already shipping 14TB drives to partners.
  14. So I know there's a bit of information out there on the WD80EZZX drives, but not nearly as much since it's not a retail drive. I just opened up my last two externals today (brand new WD MyBook 8TB) and got these drives in them instead of the WD Reds that came in the EasyStore's from BestBuy. I'm preclearing those two and also two WD80EFZX drives (Reds) and they appear to be performing the same. I know they have TLER disabled but other than that is there anyone here running these drives? For a significant period of time? Just want to know what everyone here thinks of them compared to the Reds.
  15. I started another thread today about my attempted switch from Dual E5-2670's to Dual E5-2650L's on a Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ and I was getting way higher fan speeds with it even though temps were super low. Switched back to the 2670's and fan noise is back down. I tried everything to fix it, but I finally submitted a ticket with Supermicro.