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  1. I have a VM that I'm trying to configure to use a single NIC with a native VLAN, and multiple tagged VLANs. I've configured the VLANs in UnRaid (2, 10, 11, 15, and 30) and configured the VM to use the native VLAN (with no tag) as well as the various tagged sub-interfaces. When I bring this VM up, I can only successfully communicate via the native VLAN. My VM is tagging the rest of the packets, but they do not appear to be routed to the proper VLAN. Is this possible via UnRaid? To match the partner VM (running under QNAP), it needs to be configured to work with the native VLAN
  2. @StevenD - Thank you very much. Installed perfectly on my RC7 VM, and ESXi sees it just fine.
  3. I think StevenD hasn't gotten the free time yet. I actually just recently moved my UnRAID from a physical to a VM, and I'm running without OpenVM Tools. So far, it seems to be working well without them. Any down sides to doing so? (Other than VMware host can't shut it down gracefully, etc.) I was running UnRAID on a quad core Xeon (with HT) with 28 GB of ram, moved it to a dual core i3 (I think, also with HT) with only 12 GB of RAM, but found that it didn't perform as well. (Specifically, the docker Channels DVR was slow to skip ahead in video, and sometimes just
  4. FYI, I updated to rc2 today, and it went fine. It's up and running fine, so I don't know if there's a difference in rc2 that fixed my issue, or if it was a fluke.
  5. I updated via the WebGui - I selected the "Next" branch, and Check For Updates, then hit Install.
  6. Thank you - I took the USB drive out of the machine (it's mounted internally), copied the /config directory off of it, used the USB creator tool to install a fresh copy on the same USB drive, copied my /config directory back, put it back in the machine, and it booted up just fine. I'll wait for a future RC, or perhaps just wait for the release version.
  7. Where is this config folder? I'm logged into the CLI and there's no config folder in the root. I found a /boot/config folder, but insider is only an ssh folder... No other files or folders...
  8. You are right - They are in Anaheim, CA. I was there like May or June of last year. Not sure why I thought they were in Europe... Anyhow, if there's not an easy CLI based roll back, I'll probably have to do as you suggest. I'm going to grab some dinner and check back in a bit.
  9. Oh yea - I missed that I guess. I'm not much of a linux guy... I imagine one of the lime tech guys would know what to do. I think they are based in Europe though, so they are probably already sleeping.
  10. Yes, I do have bonding configured. I don't want to lose my configuration. I know via the web interface, you can have it revert. There should be a CLI equivalent, but I don't know what it is.
  11. Updated the original post with a screenshot. This UnRAID build is missing the bonding module, apparently. And since my GUI isn't working for me either, is there a way to revert via the CLI?
  12. No, it's not a ryzen. It's a Xeon processor on a low end ML30 HP server. I think this may be different. I rebooted and saw it complaining about a bond module. Another line mentioned it couldn't find bond0 GUI mode won't work for me. Once I'm in it, a browser opens up and I can't get to localhost
  13. My adapter is br0. I was running 6.6.0, I believe. After updating to 6.7.0-rc1, I could no longer reach the web interface. I logged into the console and run I run ifconfig, I see that my br0 interface has a 169.x.x.x IP address. edit: I manually changed the IP on br0 to the IP I usually use, but it is still unreachable. (Used ifconfig to do that). I Can't even get an ARP back. Is there a way to revert to the previous version via the CLI? After additional testing, it seems that the bonding module is missing from this build:
  14. Disregard guys - I deleted it and started from scratch and it's working fine now.
  15. Hi, I installed the Pi-Hole docker today and it's not quite working for me. I hit the Enable link, and it shows at the top like it's running, but nothing resolves. If I go to another page, at the top of the screen it shows that it's not running again... So, I think it's never actually starting. I touched "whitelist.txt", "blacklist.txt", and "pihole.log" in the directory under appdata.