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  1. Solved it temporarily. I changed output to my cache drive instead.
  2. Never mind i found it in GUI for Handbrake. But the problem is i don't know were that folder is on my Array.
  3. How do i do that? Not possible to browse my folders from here.
  4. When i send it to Queue or press Start i gett this error message.
  5. I also get error message that Handbrake doesn't have permission. It worked for weeks but after i changed HDD to a bigger and rebuild the array I get this error message. I tried New Permission,Docker Safe New Permission under Tools but no help. Has anyone solved this? Now Handbrake is useless.
  6. I have a Dell T20 mini tower server with 6 HDD and one SSD. Impossible to expand so i bought a new case. Bought a Fractal Design Node 804 that will fit 10 HDD and 2 SSD for cache. I moved over everything except the PSU because it need more power and even added one more disk. Didn't have to rebuild the array or nothing. So now i have a "new" media server that i can add more hdd.
  7. Ignore the comment you directing to me? Are you really this stupid. Mind you business i got the answer i wanted.
  8. Yes it's rude and not for you decide. You don't know anything what i want or need so mind your own business.
  9. Its an Intel Xeon E3 1225 v3 It you look at the picture it shows hw even with HEVC but only in one place.
  10. Because with many streams my CPU don't keep up. With Quicksynk HW that's not an issue. I used to own a MacMini and HW transcode could manage more streams.
  11. Why? Because i don't have the money to buy a dedicated graphs card.
  12. I have followed the guide without problem. But I'm not sure it works anyway. Because when i compare how it looks i see only one hw and others have two. Why?