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  1. Forget it, after 15 days of messing with it, it seems that I've solved my own issue. Thanks anyway.....
  2. It seems that now Docker is refusing to launch as well.... Heres my diag, hopefully it helps. asrock-diagnostics-20190911-2100.zip
  3. So im having an issue where the VMS tab as well as the VM tab inside of settings are completely unresponsive. My VM's that were set to autostart are still booting with the machine but I cannot access the UI at all. This seemed to occur while I was trying to passthrough an optical drive to a VM. Not sure if related but the last thing I tried was adding /dev/sr0 to the os iso field in the VM creation menu. Ever since trying that the VMS as well as VM tabs have been unresponsive. On a reboot if I go to settings and hit VM it'll open up but as soon at the array finishes attaching and launches the VM's it'll go back to not responding again. is there anything I should try?
  4. Is there any ETA on ipv6 support? it seems that over 50% of my DNS requests are ipv6 on my network.
  5. Ohhhh I misunderstood your response. I thought you were telling them that they needed to link directly to the file that was within that folder. I didn't realize that you had to specify the file for it to use directly in that folder even if it wasn't there the begin with. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Works now. thanks
  6. I too am having this issue however my libvirt.img is gone and its refusing to download a new one. May 10 14:58:01 AsRock emhttp: shcmd (494): set -o pipefail ; /usr/local/sbin/mount_image '/mnt/user/system/libvirt/' /etc/libvirt 1 |& logger May 10 14:58:01 AsRock root: /mnt/user/system/libvirt/ is not a file May 10 14:58:01 AsRock emhttp: err: shcmd: shcmd (494): exit status: Thats the error its giving me every time.