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  1. I fixed it now. Set the port to 945 in the web ui and in the docker, changed it to bridge, and allowed my user access to the unRAID server subnet
  2. I'm trying to get this to work. When I use br0I can access the OpenVPN web ui, but when I change it back to host, I can't access it. When I'm using br0, I can't access local IP's or anything else external. When I try using bond0 as interface, I can't access my Unraid GUI. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I have now checked my SSD with 3 extended self-tests, done a read-check on my array, and I can't find anything wrong. I have one Uncorrectable error count, but the tests can't find anything wrong, and the value hasn't increased. What's the next step to troubleshoot this problem? I've tried to disable my cache drive and download/unpack everything to my array. Same result. I'll try unRAID trough my trial period, but if I can't find out what's wrong I'll have to go back to Debian again. I can't direct play from Plex when downloading, everything gets really slow.
  4. I don't think we need to blame any of you It seems it's my build.
  5. Anybody having trouble with Ryzen and Nzbget/Sabnzbd? I don't know if it's my CPU or my SSD. The speeds starts at 50-55MB/s and drops to 25-30 MB/s after my first download is finished. X-thread:
  6. Yeah, looks like I have to test everything. Your container worked well with my Debian build, but not with unRAID.
  7. I'm having a problem with speeds, with both Nzbget and Sabnzbd. I download to my SSD cache, and I unrar to my SSD cache. My problem is that it starts at 50 Mb/s with the first download, and then it stops at 25 Mb/s with the rest of the downloads.
  8. I'm having a problem with both Nzbget and Sabnzbd. I'm using my SSD as a cache drive, I download all my files to my cache drive. The downloads starts at max speed, but after a while it drops to half the speed, and I can't locate the error. Any tips? Edit: Checked out "top" now, the IO Wait value is between 60-100 for 3-4 of my threads. I have a Ryzen 1600 with 16GB RAM. tower-diagnostics-20170528-1300.zip Edit2: Tried the Nzbget plugin, same results. Also, Sonarr, Radarr and the unRAID web GUI gets slower when downloading. Edit3: Looks like my SSD firmware was old, updated it. Everything works as it should now with Ubuntu, going to try unRAID again later.