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  1. Hi Jorge! Yes, i think it does but just not the errors. the Errors are pretty low but its a thing ive been dealing with a for a short while. Need to Buy a new drive (SMART appears to be great but hey? who knows). Thanks.
  2. I sometimes on the occasion have a drive that will throw a few read errors now & then, this drive will be replaced in the future but i used to be able to "Clear Stats" to clear the Flag / "NOK". Before the 6.9.0/6.9.1 Patches, the "Clear Stats" would sort this for me. it hasn't. Is there another way i can invoke this? Thanks Kindly.
  3. Sorry to bump or reply to an old thread! Was just looking for the answer to this and glad to see someone was curious about the Exclude ect. Thanks!
  4. Same issue for me. Like array growth size ect. Live stats like temps work fine now..
  5. I've gotten that bit Resolved now. Few things like array growth ect aren't working but that's not a major issue. Is there any way I can get Plex Integration working? I tried installing Tautil which went well but it can't talk to the Plex Docker so I've had to move the Tautil to a different UnRAID Server so it can talk to my primary Box. How would I go about getting that integrated as the GUS has a unique config and I don't know the Influx DB username and pw. Is there plans to integrate this at all? thanks Kindly dude. @t
  6. Is there a big difference between GUS and Testdasi? As I may look at that as a replacement as my drive specs and temps and data don't work on GUS. (Everything else does though)
  7. Im using the UUD AllinOne Package so Telegraf isnt a seperate Docker for me. How would i throw this in?
  8. Yeah, i stick with Stable. Currently on 6.8.3 that being said, out the Box my Smart Inputs don't work with default out the box settings so it may not just be the RC's that are an issue..
  9. Just wish to say Thanks very much for releasing / building? this project! For someone who finds some of the Variables and the learning curve on a DIY Method for what the UUD already does would be a nightmare to try and learn from scratch!. I have 3 small queries: 1) When i remove the Cache Drive (i dont have one) it keeps adding a random drive on refresh (everything else is perfect) 2) I dont have Drive Stats at all (Temps, S.M.A.R.T ect) Array Information, Parity ect ect. 3) My Bottom UPS Currency shows as "$" but i chose currency "£". Thanks kindly again
  10. I personally would advise against running a Primary Firewall as a VM Unless: DNS DHCP D-GW is running somewhere else & You have another Hardware Firewall you are going to be running a slave from. But the top 2 points are in my opinion, critical. Hope this helps.
  11. if they are not showing in UnRAID UI there is no easy way to know. Sometimes the "New Config can assign this" but you may need to recover from Backups. Its advised to keep a Backup of your Flash Drive & Contents of your Array.
  12. Hi Guys/Gals, Very very very very strange one! cant say ive seen this before.. I have a 2nd UnRAID Box fired up with a fresh build on it, but heres the catch!. It can only be Accessed via my Mobile Phone.... (WebUI) i can 1/5 times ping it via my Windows PC (everything else works on this PC incl existing UnRAID Box & Other services). As you can see, pinging it worked flawless one moment and then fails the next. BUT! remembering the fact this works perfectly fine on my phone, can click on various tabs, pages, settings with ease & speed. But the PC wi
  13. Yeah, i wouldn't mind seeing this also! seems i got the folder structure right, wouldnt mind seeing an example layout just incase im double nesting by mistake. Thanks Dudes.