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  1. Just wanted to make mention of an issue I resolved with NTP on unRaid so if others run into the same issue this might help. The issue was when using a hostname in the NTP custom settings in unRaid, and checking the console with ntpq -p I was seeing that the host I entered was dwelling on the .INIT. state, and not actually syncing with my local NTP server. It turns out, this was because the hostname I used resolves both an A and an AAAA entry (IPv4 / IPv6) and it was trying over IPv6 by default and failing. When you make alterations to the custom NTP server fields in the web GUI and save, the system copies the template config from /etc/ntp.conf- appending the custom server entries at the bottom. In this template file, I found near the bottom and commented out interface ignore ipv6. Then, once I re-added my local NTP server's hostname in the web GUI and saved, the changed I made in the 'template' were applied and the ntpq -p revealed it was syncing properly and all was well. Was there any particular reason to ignore ipv6 other than it's still gaining in popularity and not everyone uses it? Perhaps moving forward should this line be excluded or commented for future releases?
  2. Ah, ha! I also was having issues where the upsmon slave (unRaid) was successfully connecting to my NUT master (pfSense box) but not showing any details at all in unRaid. It was the hardcoded ups name 'ups'. I had set a custom name for the master on pfSense. Changing this back to 'ups' in pfSense resolved the details not showing. Would love to see some expansion on this in the GUI. NUT allows the ability to monitor multiple (redundant) UPSs, so it would be helpful to be able to set custom names for our devices and still have the details shown. Pretty sure I read that you are only able to show details from 1 of the monitored devices, so perhaps show the first MONITOR entry in upsmon.conf or a dropdown in the GUI to select which monitored device to show details for. Thanks for any consideration and thanks for the plugin!!!