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  1. BTW, I checked the location of the disk and it is connected to the SATA port on the motherboard directly. So it doesn't seems to be a cable issue...unless it happens the next time I think.
  2. Hello I reboot the server and this time parity disk has SMART data. I found flag 0x000a UDMA CRC error count added one permanently. But everything else seems fine. 0x06 0x018 4 1 --- Number of Interface CRC Errors Please kindly suggest what should I do to enable the disk. Thanks!
  3. Understood. I will check the cable then. Thanks for the explaination.
  4. My understanding is that since the disk is disabled so SMART is not available. Should I restart the array to get SMART back?
  5. I had the same problem and find the way to fix it. Go to UNRAID docker page, change the view from basic to advanced with the button in the up-right corner, then you will see there is a "force update" for every docker container. Force update letsencrypt and issue is resolved!
  6. Thanks! I thought this will be updated via docker container. I successfully upgraded to 15.0.5 now.
  7. Thanks. I just got the update this evening so this time I tried to use "force update" function in advanced view to update the nextcloud container and the updater said it is up-to-date. So nothing is changed. I am still in 14.0.3 however...
  8. Hello, I see people mentioning nextcloud 15.0.5. My docker container recently shows upgrade for this nextcloud a couple of times. But after the upgrade I see I still at 14.0.3. May I know how to upgrade to 15.0.5 as your guys? Thanks!
  9. thanks. may i know what exactly how the algorithm to calculated parity slot 2 is different than slot 1? personally i don't mind if parity disk is in slot 1 or 2, as long as I have one parity disk.
  10. ok. what you mean is: for parity-swap it contains: one parity copy from old parity disk to new disk (this only needs the old parity disk healthy, other than all other disks healthy, since the array is offline) one data rebuild afterwards (this requires all disks healthy) for what I did via parity disk 2 it needs: one parity sync for parity disk 2 (this needs all disks healthy) one data rebuild afterwards (this needs all disks healthy as well). is my understanding correct?
  11. here the thing: i have array with parity drive 5TB and data drive 5TB+1.5TB+1.5TB. a few days ago the 5TB data disk drive failed and I sent it to vendor for RMA. in the same time i bought two new 8TB drives and want to replace both the failed data drive and the parity drive. i found out i cannot replace the failed data drive with 8TB drive since the new drive 8TB is larger than the current parity drive 5TB. of course i cannot replace the parity drive with the new drive directly since there is no way to rebuild the data unraid suggests to check
  12. I am searching for thunderbolt 3 support recently in the forums and found most of the answers are "No", except this case: The poster used a thunderbolt 2 enclosure for the drives and it is working properly with unraid release before (except the booting issue he addressed). Wondering if anybody tried any thunderbolt 3 external drive enclosure with TB3 device (e.g. intel NUC) actually? I found the following information in since in unraid 6.5.2 we are already at Linux Kernel 4.14, and should include the following patch for TB3 security control: https://lk
  13. since in unraid 6.5.2 we are already at Linux Kernel 4.14, and should include the following patch for TB3 security control: does it mean unraid support eGPU already by: $sudo sh -c 'echo 1 > /sys/bus/thunderbolt/devices/0-1/authorized' like this topic: does anyone ever test it?