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  1. Not a question for Spaceinvader One, but @olschooldoes your ISP provide IPv6? That would be one way around CGNAT on IPv4
  2. Just booted back into normal mode, attached are those diagnostics as well. Failed to start properly. tower-diagnostics-20200211-0834.zip
  3. It booted OK in safe mode. Whats the process for identifying what was knocking it out of whack? Attached are the latest diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20200211-0815.zip
  4. Hi, I've updated to 6.8.2 from 6.8.0, and i'm having major issues, the webui won't start, and libvirt isn't starting either. See attached diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20200210-1923.zip
  5. I like the way unRAID handles docker so easily. unRAID desperatley needs to be able to snapshot VM's.
  6. I have a share mounted in a Ubuntu 18.04 VM. I can see/read the files OK, but I can't write to the share unless I use sudo or root. I have it mounted using this line in /etc/fstab unraid /home/me/unraid 9p trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,rw 0 0 What am I missing/doing wrong?
  7. Thankyou for the warning. I'm aware of how hardware RAID works, and get warnings from the iDRAC about the disk status'. Anything critical is replicated externally. I'm also aware this configuration is highly unconventional. It has worked well for me until now. Now that I have learnt more about how unRAID handles individual disks (didn't do a whole heap of reading when I first set it up due to the hardware RAID), I'm going to try and find a way to connect the backplane the has the existing RAID drives in JBOD, instead of the current setup. FYI it's an R720 with a PERC H710 mini. The JBOD controller I have is an LSI 9201-16e flashed to IT mode. I guess I'd need an adaptor or something to go from the internal card connector type, to the external style. Thanks again for your warning. Too many folk consider RAID to be backup.
  8. No parity drive. however, I have a DAS that I'm setting up. It has 12 x 3TB drives. I'll set two of them for parity. It'll be interesting to see how unRAID handles 1 x 1TB drive, 1 x 30TB drive and 12 x 3TB drives. Any suggestions for when I do that? Right now, changing the RAID drives to JBOD isn't an option, unfortunately.
  9. That's interesting. My setup is non-typical - I have a cache SSD, and my other two disks are actually RAID arrays - Disk 1 is a RAID 1 of 2 1TB 10K RPM SAS drives, and Disk 2 is a RAID 6 of 6 8TB SATA drives. My hardware doesn't allow individual disk passthrough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How would you set up shares in my situation?
  10. Don't have a bigger one. What's the best way to move data to the array?
  11. Looks like it might be my cache drive filling up. How can I stop that? tower-diagnostics-20180912-2124.zip
  12. Hi, For the past few days I've had issues with some VM's pausing - eg I'd wake up, and overnight the VM I use for Pihole is paused. Starts with no trouble. More recently, (past couple of days) I've had all my docker containers stop themselves. I restarted the ones I have as auto-start by disabling and re-enabling docker. I've tried to look at some logs, but I think I might be looking in the wrong place. My cache drive was kinda full, but I cleared that back to under 70%, and it hasn't resolved the issue. Any ideas where I can start troubleshooting this? Edit: I'm on 6.5.3, and I've restarted the server.