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  1. Thanks alot guys. I have ordered some new disks. I will replace it! Thanks for your time and knowledge. Much appreciated!
  2. Yes, I understand that Unraid thinks that. I was hoping the disc might be ok, and that someone could interpret SMART and/or syslog to tell me if they can see that the disc has a chance of glorius return. Or scrap. But thanks for the reply! Still undecided on the movie.
  3. Hi there community, I've had my server since 2011, pro user. It's been working great ever since. I have had nearly zero problems since the beginning, and my latest reboot is 318 days ago. I ran into some issues with me being greedy and thought I could run too many VM's and Dockers. I simply ran out of memory. And some of my VM's simply went down. When I tried to rectify the problem I got som write errors on of the discs. And eventually it got disabled. Now. Was the problem caused because of my greed or is the disc a goner? Please advise if you ha
  4. This was a case of pebkac. One of my disks were full. And I had something configured wrong. This is solved. Any admin can feel free to delete the thread.
  5. Dear community, I am running various vm´s via UnRaid and now one of them is giving me some trouble. This is an Ubuntu headless server and is pretty much only running Nextcloud. It boots. But halts, and goes to pause after a while. "fsck not present, so skipping root file system" seem to be the culprit.. but I am not sure. I changed the boot order and booted gparted. But it freezes when I try to use the check command on the boot partition. I took a screenshot from the ubuntu-boot view, where it halts. And I attached the unraid dia
  6. Hi there, I am a long time user of unraid, and everything have worked like a charm from day 1 many years ago. But now I see in the log that the USB is about to go broken. What are my steps to resolve? Thanks in advance for any help you smart people can give me! May 4 04:40:59 Tower kernel: blk_update_request: critical medium error, dev sdq, sector 104 May 4 04:40:59 Tower kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev sdq, logical block 13, async page read May 4 04:41:35 Tower kernel: usb 1-1: reset high-speed USB device number 2 using ehci-pci May 4 04:41:35 Tower
  7. I had this exact problem and you need to edit 2 files: is the first file. Replace that IP in there with: the other file is: my.service.xml , in there you need to replace 127.x.x.x with Not sure why it works, but it did for me.
  8. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that contributed in the thread. I am now up and running with this. I would never have figured it out that I had to edit two files in app-data.. Hopefully the dockers will survive next upgrade by Code 42..
  9. This tread is holding me back from doing the upgrade to V6. I hope this gets resolved soon!
  10. I would love to see a v6 final VMDK posted. I will follow this thread in hopes it happen! Much love!
  11. I would love to see a v6 final VMDK posted. I will follow this thread in hopes it happen!
  12. Great guys! One of these days I will muster up the courage to upgrade from 5.0 ..
  13. I had some issues with a sas2lp. It needed bios and f/w update to play nice. I never got to that part as I RMA'd before that, but I wasnt careful with packaging. To make a a long story short: I never got my sas2lp to play with Unraid. However, had I updated the card I am sure it would have worked as my research showed that it would.