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  1. IrishBiker

    GUI resizing

    My old X230 has a max screen size of 1366 x 768 and I have the text size at 125%. Currently the GUI sizing is either extending the width or cutting off some of the buttons (see attachements) Anyway I can auto resize it to fit my screen.
  2. IrishBiker

    6.6.7 Docker GUI issues

  3. IrishBiker

    Thinking about moving my UnRaid to ESXi 6.7

    Thanks a lot guys :)
  4. IrishBiker

    6.6.7 Docker GUI issues

    Just confirmed it is a routing issue. I booted UnRaid in GUI mode and logged in. clicked on my Plex docker and got the usual "connection was reset" However when I changed the ip to (itself) The webpage fired up! Can someone please tell me the entries I am missing/wrong. Really don't want to have to re-install Plex and OpenVPN.
  5. IrishBiker

    Thinking about moving my UnRaid to ESXi 6.7

    So I've been running UnRaid as a guest for about a week. Mostly it's working great, I do have an issue with network host mode (think I've messed up my routing table) Should I look to install VMware Tools? Apart from Esxi shutting down UnRaid gracefully does it do anything else? Also is there anyway to fix: "Your CPU is running constantly at 100% and will not throttle down when it's idle (to save heat / power). This is because there is currently no CPU Scaling Driver Installed. Seek assistance on the unRaid forums with this issue"
  6. IrishBiker

    6.6.7 Docker GUI issues

    I'm guessing its an issue with my routing table. Is there an entry missing?
  7. IrishBiker

    6.6.7 Docker GUI issues

    Hi Guys Really could do with some help. Both Dockers are kinda running, Plex's website reports it cannot see the app but we can still watch plex shows, so the player connects. OpenVPN app works on my phone however as before I cannot access the docker, just a spinning wheel. Both dockers are using Host network mode. Thanks Paul
  8. IrishBiker

    6.6.7 Docker GUI issues

    Hi All I got an issue with a couple of dockers Plex: When I enter http://serverip:32400/web/index.html I get a "The connection was reset" from my browser however when I change from http to https plex website fires up but reports that "Plex is not reachable" OpenVPN: I get the exact opposite When I enter https://serverip:943/?src=connect I get the openvpn webpage however it just spins but when I use http I get the connection was reset message. They both were working - not sure what changed. Any ideas? Thanks Paul
  9. IrishBiker

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    Hi I can seem to access the GUI, The docker starts but when I click on the GUI I get "The connection was reset". Anyone else had this issue?
  10. IrishBiker

    Thinking about moving my UnRaid to ESXi 6.7

    Hi Uldise Thanks a lot for the really useful reply. Funny enough I have already download PlopKExec.iso :)
  11. Hi all I've just finished building my hardware upgrade for UnRaid, from a Gen8 MicroServer to: Fractal Design Define R6 Case Intel Xeon E5-2650L v3 (10 core / 20 threads) ASUS X99-WS/IPMI 32 DDR4 Memory 4 x 6TB drives and a 240GB SSD for cache. One of the reasons for upgrading is for to be able to run some VM's (Windoze, GNS3 and Hackintosh) I'm having issues trying to get GNS3 working which lead me to a thought of running UnRaid as a Guest in ESXi 6.7. From reading here quite a few people has done it but as a general question how stable is it? I've never hammered my currently setup, I use Plex, Sonar, OpenVPN, backing up the family pics etc, the usual stuff. My thoughts are: I used a IBM ServeRaid M1015 flashed in IT mode in the Gen8. I'm thinking about passing this through to the Unraid as a guest so the drives should work as they do now. I'd like to use maybe something Plop to boot the USB and then if I need decide its not for me I can still boot UnRaid as host . I've been reading the sticky's here and I think it's a better fit for my needs moving forward. Is Plop still the best usb bootable app? How much memory should I assign? 8GB seems to be my thinking. I don't use much transcoding so would 2 maybe a 4 core for UnRaid be OK? As for ESXi I have a 120GB SSD which I can add to the motherboard's Sata as the host OS. One of the reasons using the Low power Xeon and having the drives power down when not needed is to keep it low power consumption as possible, will ESXi keep everything running max or will I be able to ram up and down as needed? Any other useful tweaks? Thanks Paul
  12. IrishBiker

    Upgrade advice

    Hi All I've been currently been using a HP MicroServer Gen 8 (UpgradedCPU) for my UnRaid box for a few years now. Its been rock stable but I've had to move it to an room in the house that is not ideal, Mainly its attracting more dust than I would like, so that in mind and also wanting to do some more VM's I'm going to upgrade my hardware. Here is what I am putting together: Fractal Design Define R6 Case Intel Xeon E5-2650L v3 ASUS X99-WS/IPMI 32/64 DDR4 Memory (not decided as yet) Drives from old system 1. I assume I can just transfer the UnRaid system, will it be a case of plugging in the USB OS and raid drives or will I need to configure a new system (USB OS) and then transfer the config files and raid disks? 2. What type of CPU cooler should I be looking at? The case will have 3 fans at the front to pull in air over the drives and then the board and at least one exhaust fan (excluding the PSU). As this system will be on 24/7 Do I want to stick with air cooler or a would a AIO water cooler work just a well? Would a water system be quieter? Will the coolant degrade over time? 3. What type of power supply am I look at? Doing a quick calc on pcpowerpicker.com the basic spec is coming out at 178Watts. Even tho I am using this as a headless system I may want to add a lowspec graphics card for passthrough. As it running 24.7 I want it to be as energy-efficient as possible. With this all in mind, am I looking at a 500 watt power supply to get the 50% load sweet spot and 80+ Gold or Plat model? Thanks Paul
  13. IrishBiker

    When 6 drives become 7.. Help!

    perfect thanks.
  14. IrishBiker

    When 6 drives become 7.. Help!

    UPDATE: I bit the bullet and bought the upgrade licence which leads me to my next question. Adding the second cache drive and added it to a pool. Can I set it up to either clone or mirror the first one?
  15. IrishBiker

    When 6 drives become 7.. Help!

    Hi All I have a Gen 8 HP MicroServer with 4 drives for storage and 1 for cache. My cache drive is starting to fail, it boots in about 1 out of 50 attempts. I've added a second a SSD to mirror the cache. My issue is Unraid is reporting I have 7 drives and won't start. The HP unit has a small flash drive built in which I don't use however I cannot see anywhere to uninstall/remove it from Unraid or from HPE/ILO. Is there anyway I can disable it so Unraid will start and allow me to clone my cache. Don't want to reboot my system if I can help it. Thanks Paul