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  1. I went years without having problems. Then lost the first two which were Seagate 3tb which were prone to failing. Plus age didn't help them. Then the 3rd was another 3tb Seagate. The fourth was a brand new 8TB shucked easystore. The last was an old 4TB WD red which died after a power failure my ups shut my server down. Mostly just aging drives. Except the 8TB.
  2. The whole point of moving to Unraid was for parity. I lost two drives before moving over 2 years ago. Since then I've lost another 3 but all data was saved.
  3. What are my options past 28 data drives? I currently have 24 drives. 152TB 1x4TB 12x6TB 10x8TB 1x10TB the last 4 will be 10TB and I'll upgrade the last 4TB. Can I link two Unraid systems together? Will that bottleneck emby transcoding a movie off the 2nd unraid system? Can I setup a zfs system that unraid uses? I'm really not sure how to move forward. I moved to unraid from windows and flexraid after building a proper server. Dockers have been awesome. Current server is dual xeon e5-2630 v3 2.4GHz with 64GB ecc ram. All dockers run off cup1 and emby/windows server run off cpu2. 10gb nic to switch. The 2nd server I'm thinking the same system with updated cpus emby ran off cpu1. With cpu2 running VMs with game servers. ARK, Minecraft, CoH ect.
  4. Any plans to use the updated version on https://lazylibrarian.gitlab.io the other one seems dead.
  5. I'm having a problem where my rss feeds won't update and download files. It seems to be random when it will work or not. Most of the time I have to open the docker in chrome and refresh it myself to get it to download.
  6. Unraid is still running. My flash drive failed. And CA backup deleted my backup flash folder. Any way to save my current config before restarting and having to start from scratch. Longer version My flash drive failed around December last year and I didn't have CA backup configured right so no backup of my flash drive existed. Now I went through and made backups of everything after I got everything back up. Tonight I went to update to the latest 6.6.7 and it failed. Digging around and I notice the error Flash drive is not read-write. So I thought great dead flash again. I went to CA Backup to see if i could force a current backup. I set a new folder and instead it deleted my old backup. Now I have no backup
  7. I'm having this same problem with emby server. unraid 6.5.2
  8. I would like the template if ones going around.
  9. I'm setting up couchpotato and trying to not download scene releases If there is a better release.But the score is to high on the scene releases due to the seeders/leechers. I can't find this line # Torrents only if nzb.get('seeders'): try: score += nzb.get('seeders') * 100 / 15 score += nzb.get('leechers') * 100 / 30 except: pass Which calculates the score to pick the download and is in the regular windows version. I think if I remove this it wont affect the score of the downloaded file. Also if I could set it to just download the largest file below a remux that would be great.
  10. So I moved from windows 10 with flexraid to Unraid. After losing a new 8tb drive. So I've pretty much have everything setup. I've tested the docker torrent programs and find I really like utorrent best. So I put it on a windows 10 vm I set to run kodi. My problem is I have a network drive setup as d:/ so all my old torrents would still work 2300 of them. Now it works ok for awhile files download. But then my network drive resets or disconnects. I'm not sure what its doing. But I'll login to check it out and the network drive will have a red x on it. I double click it and it opens fine. Kodi has no problem reading from the drive and playing back media. But Utorrent throws Error:Disk Removed. Please re-attach. I need to restart the vm for utorrent to reconnect to the drive. So my question is what would be my best way around this. Can I directly attach the array to the windows 10 vm? Do I need to make a cache drive that then writes to the array? But I don't think that would work do to then my torrents wouldn't point the the correct location.