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  1. Dear mr ich777, Today I noticed that your versions of Sonarr/ SabNZBd/ Lidarr and Radarr are now at the top of New Apps in the 'appstore'. I see in the description that it is optimised for Unraid but can you explain how these versions are different then the Linuxserver or Binhex versions? In any way, thanks for your efforts and all your templates that we can use!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. It worked out very nice. Regarding the copy, I did a move from the same source to the same destination as where I did a copy before and that was finished in seconds. So I am very happy about that.
  3. Hi, I am new to this plugin. I have 2 small questions regarding my setup: 6x 1tb with 1 parity. I replaced the parity with a 4tb disk, I replaced one 1tb with a 4tb disk (rebuild from parity) and I added one 4tb disk. this last move was a mistake Now I want to move the data away from the 1tb disks and Yesterday I chose to copy instead of move. Questions 1: Is this going to be a problem? Do I have to move it again? (same source and destination) This takes ages so I would not prefer it. second question: I chose move but I don't see the files being removed from the disk when I check the content with Krusader or WinSCP. Is this normal behaviour? The move is not finished yet, So I will be patient I get around 32.63 MB/s on a xeon e5-2520 with 48gb of ram.
  4. Thanks! That helped a lot for a new user like me! It seems to work but I do get random errors like " IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/config/cache/mako/home.mako.py' is the chown command literal or should i replace abc:abc with something else? And how do I find out with what?