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  1. That was a really annoying issue for me, I bought this motherboard mainly for the fact of the kvm as it’s running headless. Although since moving from Ubuntu to unraid I’ve hardly needed to use it.
  2. My board is currently reporting as hot from ipmi ipmi plugin Also I'm using a Fractal design meshify 2 which has a smart hub where I connect all the fans to including the 4 pin cpu fan then it connects to cpu_fan1. Problem is it's reporting as 0rpm and the red light next to cpu_fan1 on the motherboard is flashing. The fans which are plugged into the hub are spinning.
  3. Are you able to see your cpu temp and fan speed on the unraid dashboard? I get:
  4. I can't seem to boot anymore. Bios picked up the usb ok if I select boot it can see the usb. I've tried copying the files from one usb to another then running the make boot batch file but still same issue. Error code on motherboard says A2 which means it can't find boot device. It's odd it just gets to the screen where is says press f2 for bios f11 boot menu and stays there. If I manually select boot device nothing happens. If I put the usb in another machine it loads the boot menu fine. I've also tried a windows usb iso too and same thing it just won't boot from usb I've tried different usb sockets too. edit- working now it’s because I had a monitor plugged in. Doesn’t seem to boot with it in as I have the onboard graphics force enabled for Plex transcoding. I then got a pci error with a graphics card plugged in so I had to disable the boot inventory. Now passed through a 3070 to a window vm fine.
  5. our boards don't fit full size gpus there's a heatsink in the way of the pcie 3 x 16 slot. can use a rise cable and a vertical mount adapter if you have the right case.
  6. will the nvidia 3000 and AMD 6000 series work ok with our motherboards (E3C246D4U)? might buy one to crypto mine since the server is on 24/7
  7. Jus upgraded, all looking good so far. Just reading this: now I remember I had to follow this to get h/w transcoding done on plex. Not sure if I should undo this an enable the gpu driver in the first link?
  8. anyone upgraded unraid to 6.9 yet? I'm taking the plunge now.....
  9. ah ok I was wondering if it could be set on the motherboard h/w instead of software but I guess really same outcome. do you still use one of those ports for the ipmi or do you use the dedicated nic for that because at the moment mine is via eth0
  10. If I wanted to pair 2 nics is that possible? I have a switch where I can set an lacp trunk.
  11. where can I download the 2.34 bios from? @Hoopster which settings did you have to change? Thanks
  12. Yeah the motherboard was really hard to get. I got mine from Sign up to stock alerts on they get them from time to time.