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  1. Pretty bad when my server has epic fail right in the log file. Where can i find my database so i can try to recover it? output: [Error] MigrationLogger: System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): database disk image is malformed 2021-04-19 01:35:16,590 DEBG 'sonarr' stdout output: 2021-04-19 01:35:16,612 DEBG 'sonarr' stdout output: [Fatal] ConsoleApp: EPIC FAIL! [v3.0.6.1196] NzbDrone.Core.Datastore.CorruptDatabaseException:
  2. Good to know. When running i was running parity i did not receive any notifications of errors. Thank you very much sir.
  3. Yeah i received a notification of 2 read errors. and parity was in sync before all of this. I have a drive ready to replace it when i get home. I have already used a VPN and shutdown the array which will hopefully stop anything else from happening.
  4. I have a drive that just failed, well it did fail " offline uncorrectable returned to normal value". Either way i am replacing it as i have a read error when it was uncorrectable. I did a parity check 4 days ago. If i take the array offline right now throw a new drive in ad rebuild from parity will that error follow the rebuild?
  5. @jwiese997 What did you have to do with the rclone script to get the server to work properly? What did the rclone script do if i may ask. I has severe issues with my update on my backup array, Iwould like to shut off or uninstall anything that is going to mess up my primary server.
  6. I am very interested in this. I have the exact same problem and had to start a config for scratch to even talk to my secondary server. Lost all my scripts and setups in the process. I was upgrading from 6.5.3 to 6.6.1 when it all happened though. Burned a 6.6.2 USB and had to installed that. I will not update my primary sever without making a full image of everything before i do. I know this post does not help your situation. I just wanted you to know yours is not the lone case for whatever is causing this.
  7. So it has been a long time since i have added a drive to either of my Unraid arrays. I would like to know if Unraid can Preclear and Encrypt a disk with an existing key or passphrase without actually adding the disk to the array? I do not really want to corrupt my installation if i can help it.
  8. Amyone at all have any input? Loading to cosole gui fails as well.....Left it set overnight to no avail.
  9. I have been running this server hardware for over a year without issue. I upgraded one of my servers last weekend and cannot get it to load. I cannot access anything in the server. I just sat in front of the server for an hour while it tried to startup. This is all thefurther it got for all the time wasted. I have been trying to mess with it when i can. It is trying to load to GUI right now. Anybody have any ideas?
  10. Right now i have 2 servers. One running everything and a Backup that updates weekly with an rsync cron. Soon i would like to get a few external Hdds and have an offsite/offline backup i might update once every 3-6 months. I would like to obviously keep this backup somewhere away from my house. I would like to encrypt this backup so only i can access the contents or remount it to an unraid server. I had originally intended to mount the Hdds as a pool with Unassigned Devices but i do not believe the Unassigned Devices can encrypt an external drive pool. On top of that, thinking this through if i had a failed drive in the external pool the entire pool would most likely not mount. By all means if either of these are incorrect please let me know. A few discussion points i would like to bring up. Is there a good way to encrypt these external drives and still have a docker, VM or UD be able to read them with proper pass phrase? I would really like to use Clonezilla and do an entire from scratch backup of the array. If i made a clonezilla VM to run as a backup solution would it work? I know clonezilla should be booted from a USB or disk to work properly so the drives can be fully copied without screwing up clonezilla itself. It probably would not be worth it but, what would it take to make Clonzilla into a docker. Or create a backup docker that can be ran on the cache and would be able to mount the array and UD disks their own individual directorys. If that were possible UD could mount the disks then the Docker might be able to encrypt the disks. After that the docker could copy the information into the encrypted volumes. Maybe even a Vercrypt Docker if such a thing is possible. If it would have to be an OS i could see a small ubuntu install as docker with the ability to add small programs such as a password manager. I guess more than anything i wanted to throw some thoughts out there and see what everyone thought. Also if you have any ideas i would love to hear them.
  11. Mounted up just fine and i am transferring everything back as we speak. Thanks again guys.
  12. I will be trying this when i get home. I have krusader so as long as it mounts i should be fine. I was not sure if UD has an input field for the drive passphrase as i have not tried an encrypted drive on UD. Thanks for the input on this you guys. I will either report back or mark this as resolved depending on what happens tonight.
  13. Will that be a Command Line based task? i have no problem with that just curious what i will need to look for here on the forums. Also this is probably for the best as the disk that was in that position has 3.5yrs of spin time on it and would need replaced soon anyhow.
  14. Yeah i was doing this all on my phone. Will not be doing that again. I accept this is a problem of my own creation and i apologize for having asked the question.