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  1. Earlier in this thread are some instructions on replacing the OS Section of your XML. There are several sections of the XML that get overwritten when you make changes to the VM in the template. There are certain ones that you have to go back and fix in the XML and the OS section is one of them.
  2. This information is gold! I have tried to follow the guide from last year and could get everything to pretty much work except for sound over the HDMI. This is what was needed. Next goal...getting 4K from iTunes to play! Any ideas? Thank you for making the container. Worked great!
  3. Not exactly sure what I did, but pretty sure that what I did should not have caused to happen what happened. I was in the process of looking over my network settings and trying to see if I could switch my main network connection from the Ethernet port on my server to the wireless device. In looking into doing this, I noted that in order to try and make any changes to the network settings I had to shut down docker and VMs. Seemed reasonable. I have no VMs installed yet and only had the Krusader docker installed which I had used successfully. As soon as I turned off Dockers on th