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  1. Unlike the tdarr server template, the node template has two node port entries. One at the bottom and the other close to the top third of the template. Easy to overlook unlike the server template where it was one after another.
  2. Hello, I'm running into issues with my dockers recently. It started this even when I came home to an annoyed wife, saying Plex is not working. Ok no problem I'll restart the binhex-plex docker. Worked for a little bit and crapped out again, content not found. Ok reboot the server, and delete the app off the Apple TV and reinstall. Worked for a little bit then crapped out again. Check for updates, get the not available. Force update. Worked again for a little bit. Ok go and get the official Plex docker. It craps out unable to find image locally....odd. Try it on my PrePROD Unraid server (basic license) running 6.9.2 downloaded fine. Upgrade the PROD server (Pro license) to 6.9.2 go to download the Plex docker same error. Now that I'm getting annoyed. Bleep it nuke the docker.img and just rebuild. Now it is hit and miss with pulling down any dockers. Downloaded Binhex-plexpass, as binhex-plex failed binhex-sonarr downloaded fine binhex-radarr did not download, but Linuxservers-radarr did. SabNZBD took so trying but it eventually downloaded, as the attached screenshot shows but now in the list of dockers, versioning is saying not available. Some other oddities I'm seeing Community Apps is taking forever 30 secs to load up. PrePROD is just a couple of seconds. Had an error in Fix Common about there being two NICs, which is interesting since there is only the onboard NIC and that is it. I removed the network.cfg file and rebooted the server to clear that error. The log files show there is a clock unsync error but the date and time are correct. My PrePROD is working properly but PROD is not what do I need to do to resolve the issue? Please help. :-)
  3. @bluemonsterThank you very much. Back up and running.
  4. Hello Everyone, I recently got an HP T1500 UPS, but for the life of me I haven't been able to get my unRAID. Has anyone been able to get their unRAID setup to detect their HP? Thanks!