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  1. I'm having no issues at all with my unRAID server but I happened to glance at the number of "Writes" for both my cache drive and my HDD's and they seem awfully high - although in fairness I can't say I've ever looked at the numbers before! The cache drive is at 9,914,000 writes (664,000 reads??) and my main HDD is on 28m writes!?!?! Does this sound feasible or do we think something is amiss??
  2. Hi, I'm trying to give the Icarus Docker a go but I can't seem to find the server settings? Is there a file somewhere where I can change the server name, password, setup etc?? Thanks...
  3. Bit of a long shot but here goes - I'm having a bit of an issue whereby when I set up a 7 Days To Die server using the container, my friends can see and join it without issue but for some reason it simply won't show up in my server list!?!? I have had some success by joining via the IP connect option but then encounter problems where I drop through the map randomly, usually when getting off a minibike! This used to work perfectly and I have no idea what, if anything, I've done to make it not work!?!? Does anyone have any ideas??
  4. Apologies if this has been asked and answered recently but when I used the search function I could only see a post from back in February - I've just done a bit of Googling and believe that there may now be the option for a dedicated server for No One Survived and I was wondering if there might be any chance of a docker container for it??
  5. Apologies but I've only just see your question - the answer is yes I eventually got a server working just fine....but it was so long ago that I have no recollection of exactly what I did - sorry!
  6. Hi, not sure if anyone can actually answer this but having tried the Emyprion server previously we found that time continued even when no-one was actually logged into the server, does anyone know if there is a setting I can tweak to make it so that time stops once the last user has logged out? I found that fuels etc was running out for my power source if I wasn't logging on for a few days! Thanks....
  7. Thanks for the reply - I did see the part you are referring to in the container settings - I've tried putting the GAME_ID to '294420 -beta stable_alpha20.5' and while it then tells me it's complete, when I'm trying to join the server it's still telling me that the server is on v20.6??
  8. Is there any way I can roll back the 7DtD version on my server to 20.5? I've been away for a couple of weeks and when I've come back and tried to start my server up again I'm getting a message saying that I have 'Alpha 20.5' and my server has 'Alpha 20.6' - I didn't realise it would update automatically but it appears to have done!?!? I'm using the docker container but running Undead Legacy on it so need to keep the version as 20.5. Thanks..
  9. Hi, can anyone provide a bit of assistance in getting the 7 Days to Die docker running with the Undead Legacy overhaul mod on it? I did a search and found a few posts from back in January saying to add a variable but when I try and join the server I am getting an error message saying "Cannot join server. Undead Legacy version mismatch between your client (2.5.82) and server (Unknown)" I really don't understand what "BepInEx" is but I've tried to follow a few suggestions from various forums but bar from what appears to be a fluke when I was able to join the server, but it didn't give me the "tutorial" element (ie. no craft this, craft that and go to trader etc - it just plonked me in the game!?!) - I've not had any luck in joining the server! Any pointers would be appreciated
  10. He can connect to both his own and my server and it plays fine - but when I try and connect my PC either freezes on the loading screen (sometimes at the "creating player" part and other times it either freezes just before or whilst downloading the map itself. On the rare occasion mine has got into the game all seems fine until a couple of minutes in when my "E" button stops working and then invariably I just drop through the ground and keep falling - forcing a ctrl/alt/del shut down being necessary. I originally tried to set up a Darkness Falls server but since this issue persisted, I also tried a vanilla server leaving all of the settings as default - same issues when entering the game and then freezing when loading! It's clearly an issue with my machine - I just don't know what else to try on top of a full reinstall??? Are there any 7DtD files elsewhere on my system that I could try deleting in case they are the issue?
  11. Thanks for the reply - I'm clutching at straws here really - I agree it sounds more like a problem with my install rather than with the container but I've tried deleting all things 7Days, from my Steam install, to the folder in my user/me/appdata/roaming folder and done a 100% fresh reinstall....with the same outcome!?!? Short of a full OS reinstall I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I can try to fix things! My single player game works fine, it's just when I try to connect to a server that it freezes!
  12. Hi all, does anyone know if there have been any changes to the 7 Days To Die Container? I've been trying to set up a server but am having terrible trouble connecting to it - typically my game freezes during the loading screen (although I do connect the odd time but then after a couple of minutes I find myself falling through the ground and everything just dies!) I did notice that the container has an extra field now, "BepInEx" - it's "false" by default but is definitely different to the last time I set up a 7DtD server! I don't know if it's the server or my system because a mate of mine can join just fine - but I've tried with a full fresh install and still have the same issues connecting to servers!?!? Any ideas anyone?
  13. Hi all, Merry Christmas! I'm hoping someone might be able to help - I tried to stream a film via Plex from my home unRAID server today and ran into a strange issue. Basically I was at my parents house and could stream fine to my mobile app but when I logged into my account within the app on their smart TV, I kept getting a message saying my server was not available. Obviously this was not the case because I could watch on my phone just fine - and it's not like it wasn't seeing the server, it came up with the right name but kept saying it was not online and to check it was connected to the internet and available!?!? Now I'm home I can't see any settings within the UI that could make a difference - has anyone got any ideas??
  14. I think I did come across that particular thread when I was looking myself, but the last comment was well over a year ago and I wondered whether anything had changed since!
  15. I know this has been asked already in the past but do you have any idea if it would be possible to put a container together for Empyrion yet? (I've Googled it but am still not sure whether a Linux based server is possible yet?!?!) I appreciate you don't do containers for games you don't own but if it is possible I'm sure I could sort something out for you!
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