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  1. Thanks! I'll keep it in mind but the game turned out to be insanely difficult so ended up getting a refund myself! 😁
  2. I know it's a shot in the dark but any chance you have Night of the Dead? (and can set up a docker/server?)
  3. Thanks for the update! Appreciate everything you do!
  4. Hi @ich777 do you know if its possible to have a docker app for a dedicated server for Survive the Nights?? ta
  5. Since the weather has got a bit warmer I've had a couple of warnings about my cache drive getting a bit hot! The first time it happened it was while my parity check was running and so I chalked it up to that but it's happened again tonight saying that the cache disk (a Crucial SSD) is hot at 46C. I've not got an awful lot running - just a couple of game servers and Plex running in the background! Should I be worried and if so, what's the best way to cool it down? My server is in a cupboard so I can only imagine it gets a bit warm in there!
  6. Hi, a mate and I are trying to get the Conan Exiles dedicated server docker to work but we can't seem to find any kind of config file to edit to give the server a specific name or password for example? Also, there used to be a button you could click on to see whether the initial download in the background had finished or not but for the life of me I can't see it anymore - any pointers?? Ta
  7. Is there an "idiots guide" to getting a vanilla MC server up and running - specifically for someone who doesn't play the game itself? My son has been badgering me to get him the Java edition and so I have doe today but him and his mates want to play on a dedicated server. I don't play the game myself and my only experience in using my unraid machine for a server is for 7 Days to Die - which has a very handy "config" file - this seems to have something similar but I can't see things such as what I want to call the server and a password field to join - are these doable? Sorry if this is basic stuff, all I want is to host a dedicated server for 4 or 5 players!
  8. @ich777 apologies if this has already been asked but is it possible to set up a dedicated server for Grounded? My son has started playing it and would like a server he and his mates can use!
  9. Thanks (again!) Knowing nothing about VM's am I right in assuming that I need a fully-fledged serial key even for a virtual version of W10? (every time I see a cheapo W10 licence on Hot UK Deals the thread gets flooded with "don't bother, you can use W10 without a key" comments!) Also, do I need a dedicated graphics card to run a W10 VM? (my Microserver doesnt have one)
  10. Thanks again - I think I'm going to do some research into VM's to see what can be done. While I was looking at the various VM's available on Unraid I noticed one called "SteamOS" - do you have any experience of this and could it in theory be used to host an Empyrion (or any other Steam based for that matter) dedicated server?
  11. Will do - thanks for the reply! I'm probably way off base here knowing literally nothing about these things but would it be possible to host a co-op server using a virtual machine? It's just I've successfully hosted a dedicated server for me and a few mates on my own PC - obviously this isn't ideal because it requires my PC to be on and logged into Steam but I wondered how VM's work in terms of having one running W10 with another instance of Steam running with the server on? (apologies ahead of time if this is a stupid thought!)
  12. I'm pretty sure it's the official one - although I seem to have sorted it! I did some searching and a couple of people suggested that the shortcut to the webUI had to begin "hhtps" and when I looked at the advanced settings in the docker container mine just had "http" - I added the "s" and it now lets me log in to the UI. I'm hoping this is OK...
  13. I've come to add a film to my Plex library but for some strange reason I can't seem to get the webUI to open from the docker?? I've not changed anything recently (in fact I've not used it for quite a while!) but the strange thing is that I can still access the server and watch existing content that is on there fine from my PC, TV and phone - I just can't get the UI to open!?!?! When I try I just get a web page saying "This page isn't working" and "myIPaddress didn't send any data"!?!? I've tried restarting the docker but no joy! Anyone got any ideas?
  14. Does anyone know if there has been any progress with Empyrion getting a dedicated Linux server? I did a search and there was mention of something being forthcoming "in 2020" - anything happened?