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  1. Ah this is news to me! I did not know that they offer this, that is very cool! Thanks for letting me know! They are a bit expensive (2 hours for $300), but they do offer the same services! I am thinking about creating a company which offers more 'granular' services in which users can purchase 'OpenVPN' set up, or 'Ombi - Torrent - Radarr' workflow set up, and other packages like that. It'll be more task oriented, and a bit more affordable than $150 per hour. Not that they are not worth $150 per hour... Lime Tech is the A-Team, they are the best of the best for this. For something more simple or for users who want something a bit less 'professional' I imagine they can use a service like mine. If the issue is more extreme or 'low-level', the Lime-Tech team would definitely be the better option. ---- When I have been very stuck setting something up on UnRaid, I have gone on UpWork.com and attempted to find people who have experience with UnRaid. Almost every time I fail at locating devs who have experience with UnRaid specifically. The Devs I find say "Oh I can do it on a server, so I can do it on UnRaid..." then they go to my UnRaid server and are massively unfamiliar with the interface and inner-workings of UnRaid, so they are not able to help me... This has been my experience to be honest. --- What do think of this agency service I would like to create? Is this a waste of my time to create an agency that does this? or will it be useful for users? I am biased, and I think it will be useful... But would love to know what you and others think.
  2. Hello all! Basically I am testing the waters here. I have UnRaid and LOVE UnRaid. However, I have spent many many hours, and sometimes fail for many days to configure things such as: Ombi Reverse DNS OpenVPN Radarr Movie Download Workflow Music Download Workflow Fix my Cache (its full and wont 'move' files) Other Unraid difficulties Disabled drive Configure 8+ SATA cards and 'flash' the SATA card etc I have spent many many many hours on tasks like this. Like much of you, I love technology and after every task I learn so much more and become a better developer / technology guru. However, sometimes I just want to press the easy button and pay someone to do this. The problem is UnRaid is someone esoteric technology and there are not that many qualified professionals to assist us, so we must do it ourselves (Which we love and hate). ----------- My question is: If there was a service or company that you can call, do screen shares, or even 'house visits' and pay either: By Hour Flat rate per task How many of you would be interested in a service like this?
  3. This seems to be happening to me as well. Parity sync started and poof, GUI gone.
  4. hello all! I am at a loss here, I have spent all day trying to connect to my UNRAID server. I have read and followed all the tutorials here to no avail. The bizarre part is a few days ago everything was working fine, then I shut off my UNRAID server (gracefully) for a few days, I turned it back on and now none of my Windows Machines (W-10) can connect to the UNRAID server. I want to use UNRAID, but its been a serious pain to get up and running... I am considering abadonining it if this doesnt get resolved soon :(. I attached my SysLog file. Solutions Tried: Connect to UNRAID manually via file explorer \\Tower <-- Network path not found Turned off and on IPv6, doesnt work either way Can anyone offer some advice please? Thanks! tower-syslog-20180122-1215.zip
  5. I currently have 3 drives (I plan to add more once I get this up and working) 1 Tb HDD (Storage) SATA connection 4 Tb HDD (Parity) SATA connection 240 GB SSD (for cache) SATA connection Previously this computer was used for a windows machine. All of the hardware is the same as it was in the windows configuration (HDD, MoBo, GPU, CPU, RAM, PSU) They are connected to the blue Marvel Controller ports on my ASUS motherboard I have 24 Gb of RAM Intel I7 bloomfield 950 CPU My power supply is a 500w Thermalake TR2 Let me know how I can help more! I appreciate your help and input! I am puzzled because this hardware worked fine as a Windows Machine, but now as UnRaid is having problems. ----------------- I called a local CPU parts repair and plan to take the drives in to be checked out. Do you think that's worthwhile? (I also have a corrupted 4TB HDD I need to have retrieved) My power supply is the
  6. Hello! I am brand new to UnRaid, I am trying to get my initial server set up. I am using an old MoBo I do not use, and I have some HDD's that used to be in one of my machines that I am going to format and put in the UnRaid machine. My problem is that my drives keep vanishing. First, I set up all my drives, they were all visible and working fine. The Parity drive had to be re-imaged so I let that run overnight. In the morning I came back to my server and saw that the Parity drive was disabled. I looked into the logs and learned that UnRaid was having problems reading from the Parity drive for some reason. I did some more research and found out that I should 'pre-clear' my drives. I inserted all my drives once again, and now they dont usually show up as attached to the MoBo. If I power cycle the machine then they occasionally show up. This is where it gets weird too, so after the above issues, I wanted to see if it could perhaps be a SMART issue. I went to test the harddrives via SMART in unraid, and upon testing them in SMART, the progress bar reaches about 20%, then the drive drops off no where to be found. This happens to all my drives. Questions: - Why does sometimes my drives not get detected by the UnRaid machine? And othertimes it does? - Why when I am performing a SMART check before I run a pre-clear does the HDD disappear? Can anyone give me advice on what to do? I dont think its a problem with the drives as they were working fine in my other machines with no SMART errors. Thanks! Please see attached diagnostic report Summarized Problems: - When I turn my UnRaid Computer on, 50% of the time none of the drives are detected or loaded whatsoever, 50% of the time they are loaded, but then later during operation 'disconnect' - Note: These drives and the hardware for the UnRaid Computer were working 100% fine just last week as my windows machine. I have now turned it into an UnRaid machine and am encountering many problems maintower-diagnostics-20171021-1514.zip