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  1. So, rebooted without disk and {relief} ..parity is intact. Can see all shares and data. I think from here should be okay.. just need to do the rebuild. Thanks much for your helpful insight.
  2. After powering down last night, I pulled the drive in question to try scanning with UFS explorer. It's about halfway through the scan. I have another large drive on the way - would prefer to rebuild on that one. In the meantime, would it be safe to boot with no drive in slot #8 ? (and without the unassigned drives) in order to just see if parity shows the missing disk8 data correctly?
  3. Thx. Here 'tis. tower-diagnostics-20210610-2009.zip
  4. Hi, I've created a compounded problem here and could use some assistance.. These things happened while adding some new drives to the server: 1. I accidentally pulled a mounted drive while the array was running (thinking it was an empty tray) and quickly popped it back in. 2. I installed 2 drives to the bay, a new unformatted drive and an old drive which i planned on wiping. 3. back in the WebGui I see the drive I accidentally unplugged has a red X "Device is disabled, contents emulated" (The new drives I added are in the unassigned devices section) After reading th
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with unpacking 'password protected' rars. Basically it sits in testing archive mode and there is no indication that it's waiting for a password nor a dialog box. Is there a tutorial or info on how to configure settings for this? My google searches turned up empty.
  6. I see the cache slots now. should be fine. However, i guess copying the super.dat doesn't work for this Trial version i'm playing with.. so I guess i will need to copy the new install to my old usb drive. or I may buy a 2nd license.. In either case, is there anything else that would be considered "safe" to copy over from my old Flash directories in order to preserve as many settings as possible? for example (in config): shares, pools, disk assignment, various other .cfg files?
  7. ok, i started to try that but it seemed i was only able to add one drive. so i unassigned it again. Wasn't sure if it would be reformatted Also the old config was crashing so fast i didn't have much of a chance to do anything. So should I copy the super.dat though? and would it be ok to copy the one from my 6.9.2 config into this fresh 6.8.3?
  8. the saga continues..... I eventually got the new motherboard.. up and running. It'd been years since I'd been in the bios but i think at this point I have the settings correct. (I am dealing with some RAM not being recognized so (for now) I am only using CPU2 which recognizes all DIMMS on that side) Unfortunately I am back where I left off with the 6.9.2 freezing. In fact it was freezing within 15mins of logging into the GUI. At first I wasn't sure if it had to do with the hardware, bios, or several configuration changes. the syslog would sometimes show lots of these before
  9. So I stripped it down to the motherboard only, out of the case with a new power supply, new cmos, swapping cpus and ram in a minimal config. It appears something in my mb is toast as i can not even get it to post. Spent 48 hours trying to troubleshoot but have conceded, and a replacement mb is on the way along with 2 new cpu coolers (sm active). I think perhaps my upgrading to 2 - x5860's while using the stock passive heatsinks was probably putting some additional heat/stress on the mb. and these components are like 10 yrs old.. anyway, I'll check back next week to confirm that ev
  10. update: after powering up after the last crash to get the recent syslog info - i attempted a clean reboot but now the server won't power up. i get a momentary flash from the power lights, the power supply's are running (fans on etc) So maybe it's a co-incidence that i recently upgraded to 6.92? - and i have a hardware issue. only things i saw in the log were lots of "Tower kernel: w83795 0-002f: Failed to read from register 0x03c, err -6" and "kernel reports TIME_ERROR: 0x41: Clock Unsynchronized" I've tried clearing cmos and replacing cmos battery, pulled all ram excep
  11. I've seen several similar threads but thought i should post my info in a separate topic (?) Since updating to 6.92 my server won't stay up for more than 8 hours at a time. It's not shutting down per se but i lose connectivity and have to power it down to reboot. After reading other threads I enabled syslog mirroring to flash so i have the latest syslog and diagnostics that should have some details. (it crashed around 4am) I think I might try reverting to the previous stable version unless that is unadvisable for some reason? Pls let me know. thx syslog tower
  12. Hi, i noticed high memory usage and ran 'Fix Common Problems' ..got call trace errors. posting diagnostic here. hopefully someone can help. thx tower-diagnostics-20180317-1516.zip