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  1. Thanks, I forgot to include that I believe the SAS hba (9211-8i) may have been overheating lately. However the issues have persisted since I added more cooling. I initially discounted this as the first issue was the SSD which was connected directly to the motherboard.
  2. My build has been running fine for around a year, but in the past week I have had a few issues flare up which I'm trying to separate. My cache array is 4 240gb SSD's in RAID 10. This had been running well for a while, however recently unraid had semi-frozen up a few times and one of the ssd's was showing errors. I replaced the cable, tried a different controller, etc, no change, so I've pulled the dodgy drive and am about to replace. However, after restarting my array showed one drive had failed - one of my new 8tb drives. I ran extended SMART tests on all the drives a
  3. Ok, so I didn't realise I could type in that field. it87 has given me the motherboard, but no CPU temps. I've found nct6775 seems to resolve most the values. The CPU temp is reading crazy high (130 deg celsius), so there might be an offset needed for that one? Is it even possible to apply an offset to these values?
  4. The System Temperatures plugin has never worked on my machine previously, as I understand the Ryzen sensors weren't supported until the 4.15 kernel, however running 6.6 I have heard this is working for other people, yet my machine still doesn't detect this properly. Am I missing something obvious here? unraid-diagnostics-20180906-0949.zip
  5. Every time I re-plug my Aeotec Z-Wave stick it seems I have to re-chmod the permissions for it to be detected properly by openHab This doesn't seem like it should be happening, and it has the same path all the time, so that's not changing (/dev/ttyACM0) Has anyone had this issue before? Any hints? I've done a search and couldn't find anything.
  6. It hasn't removed the appdata files - the actual guts of the docker. You just have to recreate them, and map them back to the same folders (automatic if you didn't change anything), and remember the port mappings if these have significance for you.
  7. I actually noticed this issue a few minutes ago. It is the Advanced Buttons plugin that was to blame, maybe it was broken in the last 6.4.1 I removed it - that posted errors, but seemed to work: Feb 13 14:48:35 unraid nginx: 2018/02/13 14:48:35 [error] 5375#5375: *2248 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Unable to open primary script: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/advanced.buttons/AdvancedButtons.php (No such file or directory)" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/advanced.buttons/AdvancedButtons.php HTTP/2.0
  8. Correct, it exists and contains some appdata files. I didn't create it.
  9. Diagnostics attached unraid-diagnostics-20171123-0921.zip
  10. Hi, I'm fairly new to using unRAID and have just migrated to a new Ryzen based machine & upgraded to 6.4 and are seeing some weird messages in the log related to the mover process: Nov 23 00:03:21 unraid Docker Auto Update: No updates will be installed Nov 23 03:40:01 unraid root: mover: started Nov 23 03:40:01 unraid shfs: error: move_object: No such file or directory (2): get_times: Nov 23 03:40:01 unraid shfs: error: move_object: No such file or directory (2): lstat: Nov 23 03:40:01 unraid kernel: move[3030]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000040272c sp 00007fffb938d900